Do Browser Tabs Share Information?

Maybe a General Question but it is rather just a curiosity.

If I have, say, five browser Tabs open in Firefox (an example) do they share the information as to what site each other is at? I seem to get advertisements on one Tab that relate to another Tab I have open.

As an example, amongst others I have a Tab at Cricinfo openhere.

I am getting advertisements for hotels which possibly relate to another Tab I have open here.

Tabs do not isolate advertising data from other sites that share the same advertising software running on them. Look up tracking as I couldn’t tell you all the ways they do it anymore.

I suspect they are communicating through the information written out to the cookies. All the tabs have access to the cookie information, and the browser tabs all write to the same cookies.

I hope it isn’t too much of a hijack to ask a simpleton’s question. I’ve been clicking “New Window” since, I think, before there was such a thing as “New Tab.” The only time I get “New Tab” is when my hand jerks as I’m clicking (or sometimes in Firefox which gives tabs when other browsers give new windows). By not using tabs, am I missing out on something good?

Not “good” as such, but it can be more convenient. If you want to have lots of pages open at once, you can just click between the tabs, whereas new windows generate a new button in the taskbar and once you have more than about 6 or 7(assuming you’re using Windows, and depending on your screen settings and how many other programs you have open), they collapse into a single taskbar button just saying “(7) Internet Explorer” or whatever.

On the flipside, it can be all to easy to close the whole window rather than just the tab you wanted to close, and thus lose the rest of the pages you were viewing. (There is an option to reopen recently closed tabs on most browsers to help with this.)

I’ll use a new window for a new subject and then tabs for the different sites I open for that subject. It is a better way to do it by my experience.

Control Panel -> Taskbar/Start Menu -> Group similar taskbar buttons -> Unclick

I know very little about Windows, but this one I had to learn.

You are wasting computer resources, and thus making your computer run slower. Up to you how ‘bad’ that is.

(Newer versions of some browsers try to compensate for this, knowing that many users still have this old habit. So it may not waste quite as many resources as it used to.)

Thanks for your answers. I never thought of the cookies.