Do bumble bees make honey?

Everyone knows about honey bees and their honey sold in stores. Everyone sees the pollen sacs around their legs that are like little saddle bags and assumes that that’s part of the honey process. I have also seen the same sacks around bumble bees legs but never really thought about it. Do bumble bees make honey and where can I get some?

The answer can be found with a quick and simple Google search.

Do earwigs make chutney? Do spiders make gravy?

Yes, but you have to cook down a LOT of them, and it’s not very good.

One more thing. They store nectar collected from flowers in their stomach (well, a crop actually, called a honey stomach.) Those baskets you see store pollen, which is also eaten.

That would be called “stock”, not gravy. Stick to things smeggy, okay?

I see your point, Chefguy, but I wonder if we need another opinion. Gravy, of course, needs the animal’s fat. I don’t know if arachnids have fat or not. There’s a grey area between stock and broth, though, and the difference is said to be something cooked out of the bones. Does an exoskeleton yield stock? I’m asking for information’s sake, not as a challenge. You’re a chef. I am but a cook.

I’m a cook too, but I play a chef in my home version of the game. As for the “grey area”, when it comes to spider stock I’d rather not think about it.