Do cats "shag" all year long? Yeah baby!!

I had planned to get my soon to be 3 year old daughter a pet kitten for her birthday. I checked my local pound and animal shelter’s Web site’s hoping to locate and rescue one from being destroyed.However, both locations were empty.

Do cats (unlike dogs) only have their litters during springtime, or am I just having bad luck?

Bad luck. From personal experience: my mom’s cat was found as an approximately 8 week old kitten on Thanksgiving weekend. My own kitten was born in August.

However, given that most animal shelters are volunteer-based, and they may or may not have the manpower to actually maintain their website, I would actually call them and ask. I find it hard to believe they would be completely empty of cats… well, ever, and if so certainly not for a very long time.

Cats, like dogs, come into heat for the first time around the age of six months. Unlike dogs, however, unbred cats cycle in and out of heat every six weeks or so until they get pregnant. This results in a plentiful supply of unwanted kitties all year round.

Trust me, the shelter has cats. Shelters always have cats out the butt, even if they aren’t on the website.

You should take the kid to the pound to pick out her own pet. Animals have different personalities, just like humans, and the most picturesque cat may hate you all. You might also want to consider getting a young adult cat. It’s easier to tell what the cat’s personality and appearance will be, plus they’re not as easy for overenthusiastic little hands to squeeze too hard.

My cat cycles in and out of heat every 2 weeks, except for about a three month period in the coldest part of winter. YMMV.

Y’know, I am now imagining cats on bikes after reading that!

Keep calling the animal shelter - they’re bound to have cats/kittens soon. Also, most shelters allow you to put your name on a list so they can contact you as soon as cats are available for purchase.

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A vet I talked to while I was searching the area for the cheapest spay procedure told me that she wouldn’t do the surgery until my cat went out of heat, which should last about two weeks. But another vet I talked to said once cats are in heat they stay in heat. This confused me. Everything I find on the web just tells me to get my cat spayed/neutered and doesn’t directly address the “How long is a cat in heat” question.
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They latter theory would leave me to believe that cats have kittens all year round. Perhaps the former as well, depending on how long between the two week cycles that cats aren’t in heat.

Either way, good luck on your search, and enjoy your new kitty!

Yes, and kind of. The surgery should NOT be done while the cat is in heat. Not sure why, but all good vets will tell you the same thing. Probably increased bloodflow to the parts being removed and/or hormone levels. And, if cats remain “whole”, and don’t get pregnant, they will keep cycling in and out of heat, as others have said. But, if this continues for a long time, the “out” cycles become shorter and shorter, until the cat is almost continuously in heat. This makes it very difficult to time the surgery. So, if you’re not planning on intentionally breeding cats, have the surgery done ASAP.

If you are in LI, NY area, we have kittens, email me if interested (but we are a no kill* shelter).

  • -Not exactly true as cats are sometimes put down due to cetain medical conditions.

To answer your OP, yes the kitten season runs from spring to summer. But with more cats moving into heated areas and gettng their clocks out of wack by not having a winter they are having kittens throughout the year.

If you are on the west coast, I can supply you with all the kittens and teenaged cats you want. The rescue group I volunteer with sometimes runs out of cats, but not for long sigh.

If this is going to be your first cat, you might consider getting an adult. Kittens are cute as all get out, but they are extremely active. Adult cats already have their personalities formed and they usually sleep all night. If they don’t, they can be trained to do so. Trying to convince a kitten to sleep when you do usually works about as well as nailing jello to a tree.

The way I understand it, light (length of days) triggers heat cycles. In some climates, cats can and do breed year-round.

Female cats can be spayed while in heat. The uterus is swollen with blood and makes more work for the vet, but its a small health risk compared to the risks run by cycling in and out of heat. Pregnant cats can also be spayed.

grettle, call your local Humane Society and ask for numbers for low-cost spay clinics/programs. Most of the programs do not have low-income requirements, many do require that you do paperwork by snailmail though.