Do CD's in Canada have that annoying seal on them?

I’ve bought plenty of CD’s on the web and in stores (in the US), and they always come with that annoying seal on them. The seal I mean is the one that prevents you from opening the case after you take the cellophane wrapper off. Recently I bought a few from MyMusic, which happens to be a Canadian company. To my surpise (and pleasure), they didn’t have that seal on them. They just had the CD wrapped in cellophane.

Is this the norm for Canadian CD’s? And if it is, anyone have a good reason why?

I buy a lot of cds and get them both ways. I order a lot from the US so it may well be that those are the ones with the stupid plastic strip along the top. I also have less than mainstream musical tastes so I probably buy a lot of imports. What I can say for certain is that not all the cds in Canada are packaged this way… but it does seem to me that it is becoming more frequent.

My WAG as to why they label them in this fashion is so people can see what the cd is from above instead of flipping through them. Seems to me it would be simpler and a more efficient use of space to shelve them on their sides.

CDs sold in Canada do not have the seal you describe. At least the ones I buy.

I take it you’re not American. FYI, CDs in Canada are certainly considerably cheaper than in the US what with international exchange rates being what they are. May be worth looking in to.

Some do, at least the ones I’ve ordered online do. Not sure why though. The ones I’ve bought in retail outlets do not.

The only ones I’ve ever bought with those stupid things are Playstation games. Never on music CDs or computer CD ROMS.

yes, many do.

one of my favourite activities is removing those seals from cd and dvd cases. it’s almost as good as peeling glue from my hand or dead skin from my feet.