Do cell phones and other wireless devices cause cancer about the waist?

Just wondering if proximity to kidneys, liver, prostate, ovaries does anything bad to your organs. Or if you keep it in your pocket, could it cause testicular cancer?

Assume the user wears the device every day and keeps it constantly turned on all day.

There is not currently any evidence to suggest that cell phones cause cancer of any kind.

And, there’s no plausible reason to think that any link might be found.


it’s absurd to state definitely either way. No one will know for years when the statistics begin to come in. Back in the fifties most doctors recommended that pregnant woman smoke to relieve and anxiety and relax. The world is full of stuff like this.

If the economics dictate it, we’ll find that pesticides grow hair on your chest.

This whole mess started with statistics. Someone noticed that people who lived next to high voltage lines tended to live shorter lives than those who don’t. This led some to speculate that electric fields were dangerous, and became a hot topic in the 80’s (coincidentally, when cell phones were starting to take off). It didn’t take much for people to start speculating about microwaves and cell phones (which are essentially the same thing) and before you know it people were making a fortune walking around with field intensity meters and rf meters and declaring what areas were safe and what areas weren’t, with absolutely no scientific data about what really constituted “safe.”

In the past quarter century numerous studies have been done, and sometimes a study will find a supposed link between cell phone radiation and cancer, but then a follow-up study is contradictory and the whole thing decays into a battle of words between those who think radio waves are pure evil and those who think they are perfectly harmless. If you do some web searches you’ll find that both groups are quite convinced they are right and are sometimes quite vocal about their opinions.

What it boils down to is that people have been studying this stuff since the 70’s and haven’t managed to establish a clear link between radio waves and cancer despite quite a bit of research into the subject. As for what started it all, people who live near power lines still don’t live quite as long as those who don’t, and we still don’t have a clue why. As one of my college professors pointed out (back in the early 80’s) maybe people who live healthy lifestyles simply choose not to live next to power lines.


They’re not transmitting when they’re at your waist.

Er, I mean they’re not constantly transmitting.

I’ve always heard people say that cell phones cause cancer and that’s why you should use a headset and carry the phone on your belt to prevent brain cancer. I don’t really understand why, if it’s true the phone causes cancer, it’s any better to have it hanging in the immediate neighborhood of your sex organs rather than near your brain…