Do children not enjoy 2-D animation?

The fault for that mostly lies at the feet of Disney. They decided that after a string of disappointing releases in the 2000’s that they would cease to produce 2D animation. Keep in mind that there are three major American studios that produce animation theatrically Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks Animation. Pixar has always specialized in CG and Dreamworks hadn’t made a 2D animated works since Sinbad. So by definition if the only studio producing 2D animation stops producing animation then there is no more 2D theatrical animation. It took a few years for Disney to realize that it wasn’t the style of animation that mattered it was the fact that they produced a series of fairly mediocre films that did. So they released The Princess and the Frog to rave reviews and a successful box-office.

Warner Bros classic collections are easily available for home viewing and aren’t likely to be trumped, in either style or content. I think the competitors have given up the ghost.

My kids love those old cartoons and have since they were preschoolers (at age 2 I think they mostly loved Teletubbies and Blue’s Clues). I read an interesting article recently on the development of Blue’s Clues as an alternative to other programming, you might want to google that for some insights on early childhood entertainment.

My kid watches Dora and Curious George all the time, and passes on all the CGI movies I have for her.

I think the point is that your toddler prefers 3D, other people here haven’t seen the same in their toddlers.

Thinking back to her toddler years, my kiddo’s favorite shows were Dora, Oswald, and Peep, which are traditional 2D animation. I’m actually having trouble thinking of 3D animated shows she watches; the only one that comes to mind is Olivia.

Nope, that traditionally drawn Winnie the Pooh movie a year or two ago is technically part of the Disney Animated Canon, just like The Princess and the Frog. No idea how it did financially, anecdotally the theater was like 5 college kids and maybe 10 40 year old women and no children, but I don’t remember how late into its run I saw it (or even if it was a localized phenomenon or tied to the time of day I saw it).