Do condoms protect against all STDs

Do they protect against all diseases, or just some.

Try google - the first hit is which roughly says they’re very good against HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Trichomoniasis, and good against Genital Ulcer Diseases and Human Papillomavirus when the infected bit is under them. All subject to using them perfectly of course.

AFIK, as long as they’re made of rubber and don’t break. Condoms made from other materials are porous enough to let STDs through but not sperm.

They won’t protect you against the creepy crawlies.

i have cootie repellant for that.

The trouble is that with HPV, oftentimes the"ïnfected bit"is not visible as such (I believe the same is true of herpes)", so it’s not something one can rely on 100%.

Adding to this, if using a latex condom use water-based lubricant if needed, no oil based. Also, polyurethane condoms are on par with latex for disease prevention and can be used with oil-based lube.

Recent research indicates that condoms are not effective against transmission of HPV (although not having reviewed the research it may just be the “not covering the infected bits” as noted) The CDC is reviewing the warning labels on condoms to see if the HPV information should be included, but some are decrying the move as political, an attempt to advance the current administration’s absitnence-only agenda.