Do dog whistles work for cats?

My cat is lost and I can’t whistle loudly for her all night without disturbing my neighbors. I was wondering if I could get a dog whistle and try to attract her that way.

There’s a certain whistle I use to get her to come running to notify her that there’s a bug available to eat - so she rushes right away when I use it. I can’t get the pitch quite right when I can’t hear the whistle, but I could get the cadence right. Could this work to attract her? I’ve seen dog whistles used as punishment, so I’m wondering if it will instead repel her. But I’m guessing the punishment has to do with a loud noise in close proximity - so if she’s far away it’s more likely to get her attention than repel her.

I think there is validity to high tones and cats. I had me a cat (Percy) when I was young and my mother could say

“Percy tree-EAT” and she’d make the “EAT” part go way up high. And the cat would always come running, even when it was outside. But then again my mother could say “Ronald Ray-GAN” and as long as the tone was the same and the last note went way up high the cat would come running expecting a treat.

My sister could sing high and she’d try to hit really high notes (that she wasn’t capable of hitting, if you get my point) and the cat would rush over and get right in her face as if to say “You know some of us have SENSATIVE EARS”

I don’t know if it’s all cats or my cat was just easy to train, which she was. (Yeah her name was Percy and she was a girl. Another cat misnamed due to a vet not knowing how to sex a kitten.) :slight_smile:

I hope you’re also putting up a lot of notices, over a wide area. A few years ago my 18-year-old cat escaped, and he was finally found about 3 weeks later, more than a mile from home, extremely malnourished and dehydrated. I had no idea he was capable of getting that far.

The whilstle can only work if she’s near enough to hear it, and if she can identify it as coming from you.

You have to try every option available. Good luck.

PERCY! So love it :slight_smile:

I went to a pet store and bought a “silent whistle” - it has a screw in piece at the bottom. The instructions say to blow it near your sleeping dog and untwist the screw in part until the dog wakes up and looks at you (and then you’ve found the setting you should use to train him).

Except… it makes plenty of noise in a human-audible tone at any screw in position. It’s not silent at all. Am I doing something wrong? Is it defective? Is a small amount of sound energy bleeding through to the human-audible range so that it’s mildly loud in that range but very loud in an ultrasonic range?

Cats have better hearing than dogs. If you go around the neighborhood you will probably start a barking war so do it in the daytime. I would try to find the same whistle you used before as the cat is already trained to respond.

Best of luck.

Do you by any chance feed your cat dry food? I used to be able to get my cat to come running, up out of the swamp in our backyard, by shaking the box of cat food, outside the door.

Years later, after we had moved, he managed to escape and was lost for several days. I finally found him, by sitting near where others had reporting seeing him, shaking a box of cat food.

If you feed dry food from a bag, you might get results from rustling the bag.

Yeah, I’ve been doing that snce the beginning. No results unfortunately :confused: