Do Dr.'s get Paid for Refilling Prescriptions?

The title says most of it. I am on a couple of long-term meds prescribed by a specialist. My specialist left the practice so I went and found a new doctor a completely different hospital. He met with me once for about 10 minutes and I explained that my medicines were working fine and I just needed him to refill the presciptions. Every three months, I call and talk to him and he calls in a new set of precriptions. This has been going on for a long time now. Does he get paid for this? Does any doctor get paid for refilling prescriptions?

It’d be quite uncommon for a doc to get paid for refilling prescriptions. Usually a doc gets paid only for a visit with the patient. Some doctors are beginning to charge patients for phone consultations. But I know of no physicians who get paid just for writing refills.

A good doc will insist on physically seeing you periodically for any chronic condition which requires continuing medication. But that’s different from getting paid for doing refills.


I just finished reading “Middlemarch” by George Eliot. This was in 1830ish England. One of the characters was a doctor who was having problems establishing a practise because he didn’t give out medicines but wrote perscriptions which they had to then go elsewhere and get filled. He considered it unethical to sell medicine because, as I remember the story, it put the doctor in the position of profiting from a long illness with lots of refills. Evidently at this time and place the idea of paying a doctor for what he knew was unheard of. What the people expected to pay for was the medicine/cure.
Just thought I’d pass that along.