Do food stamp (EBT) recipients now vote largely for the GOP?

I base this question after reading a Bloomberg article which states:


The 2008 Financial Crisis changed a lot in this country. Did it change the demographics of federal EBT recipients too? Is it just a coincidence that the districts that contain the most EBT recipients voted for a GOP Representative?

A county could have a large number of EBT recipients that still only constitutes a small percentage of the vote. Also suspect, but do not know, that EBT recipients may be less likely to vote than other groups.

From the example county cited it looks like a lot of these countries could be rural Southern counties. The South is strongly Republican now–because of issues such as guns, abortion, gay rights.

I thought of that. But the national average is about 16% on EBT so the high concentration counties must be all about 25-30% - which is statistically substantial.

And the Great Recession has impacted rural areas the most.

Notably, non-economic issues, which gets at the point: why are these people voting against their economic interests in favor of tired cultural mores?

Data point:

I am on EBT myself.


Funny. I’d like a cite for this.

I noticed you didn’t challenge the premise of the OP, however.

Here’s a 2009 list, broken down by county that shows the percentage of the population in the county below 125% of the poverty line, percentage of the population enrolled in SNAP, and the ratio of people below 125% of the poverty line to SNAP recipients. You can probably figure out county by county political orientation that way.

It’s also interesting to see how underutilized SNAP is…how there are a lot of places where a large percentage of people eligible for SNAP aren’t on SNAP.

There’s gotta be a map for this somewhere.

Since poor people overwhelmingly vote democratic I’m a bit surprised by the thread.

Urban poor, rural poor tend Republican.
Article in The Atlantic

Urban poor tend to be black and black people tend to vote Democratic. Rural poor tend to be white and might vote Republican.

As someone who has been on SNAP for going on 4 years, you couldn’t pay me enough money to vote Republican. No, more money than that. No, more than that.

Since the word “poor” doesn’t appear in the article you linked to you have yet to provide any evidence for your assertion.

Did you link to the wrong article or are you under the assumption that if most rural people vote Republican that means most rural poor people must as well?

If so that’s a really stupid assumption.

There are plenty of non-poor who live in rural areas.

Once again, there’s nothing in the article to support his assertion that rural poor vote Republican.

In fact, the word “poor” doesn’t even appear in the article.

True. A great many millionaires claim food stamps.

I’m not poor. I am retired and disabled.

Data Point

My mother and brother are on EBT. They voted Republican. Their EBT benefits were gutted. They still haven’t made the connection.

Some people in my extended family are fairly poor and are like that. I’ve never wanted to stick my nose in their business but I have mentioned to them that we pay taxes precisely for these types of things and I don’t think it’s either dishonorable to accept those benefits or even particularly a good thing to decline them when they’re available. Not doing so is like having an emergency fund you refuse to tap in an emergency as far as I see it.

The phrase “vote against their own interest” is used quite a bit on these boards. And it almost always means that people (e.g., poor Republicans) vote against the party who wants to give them less stuff.

Do you people who use this phrase think the only wise or honorable thing to do is to vote for people who will give you a larger hand out?

Right in this thread LarkingPot says that you couldn’t pay him enough to vote Republican. So, even if someone—or the Republicans— were to pay him more than he currently gets with SNAP, would that make him an idiot?

I don’t think so. I think that people vote for more than what they might directly receive. LarkingPot believes that the Dems will craft a country more to his ideological liking, would he be a fool for voting for them even if there was no SNAP? Similarly, if a person believes that lower taxes and a more conservative social policy genuinely is the best thing for the country as a whole, why is he so often cast in a bad light on these boards as one of the idiots who vote against their own self interests?

Not that anyone need answer.