Do health insurance plans in the US cover abortion?

Just looking for factual responses please. Is this something that is standard coverage, or do different health plans treat it differently?

Varies by state. As per the Kaiser Family Foundation, some states restrict private health insurance plans from covering abortion services, unless the mother’s health is in danger; a handful of states mandate that private insurance plans must cover abortion services.

Also from the same site, regarding ACA (Obamacare) plans for individuals:

Fascinating. Weird ass complicated, but fascinating. Thanks.

I’m shocked that a healthcare issue in the US would be complicated!

You are welcome! I kinda-sorta work in the industry: I am an advertising strategist, but my primary client, for the past six years, has been a major regional health insurance company (and I worked with several different health insurers at a previous job).

Yeah, anything regarding the U.S. health insurance industry is “weird ass complicated.” I have a presentation that I wrote a few years ago, that I use to help colleagues who move onto our account, to get them up to speed on how health insurance works. I always preface that conversation by saying, “No sane person would set out to put together an industry this way from scratch; it’s the result of a hundred years of market evolution, governmental regulations, and political pressures.”

based on what I see in ads on CNN, I am not the least surprised. What most surprises me, maybe, is all the extended Medicare stuff. Wasn’t the whole point of Medicare to not need health insurance? But I guess the private companies want their share of the pork pie.

It may be worth mentioning that even in the UK, with UHC, most (95%) abortions are publically funded.

Women wishing to terminate a pregnancy usually either see their GP or visit a charity such as Marie Stopes. Both will arrange for an NHS abortion provided that the termination is legal.

While it covers a lot of things, “Original Medicare” doesn’t cover everything – there are still deductibles and co-pays, and there are some services that it doesn’t cover at all. That’s where the private Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans come in.

And not that many patients on Medicare tend to find themselves in a situation where abortion is an option.

Canada is more interesting - the supreme court here has ruled abortion is a woman’s right; and further decision said that since Medicare pays for all medical procedures, it must pay for those; and must also ensure the procedure is accessible anywhere without regional disparities.

There are a number of services not covered by UHC - dental, prescriptions, birth control, and in some provinces chiropractors… But generally, there is some government program to cover the necessities for those who cannot afford them.

Employer benefits generally include dental, prescriptions, and eyeglasses - for the better paying jobs. Minimum wage? Sucks to be you.

I just renewed my health insurance and was reviewing the terms the other day. Abortion is only covered in cases where the mother’s life would be in danger if she continued the pregnancy as certified by a physician.

I doubt that they will investigate the physician’s reasons all that much. An abortion is generally going to be far cheaper than a delivery.

I’d also wonder if they would okay it if it weren’t that the danger from the pregnancy wasn’t death, but “merely” a lifetime debility.