Do I get too cloying and cute or what?

In Euty’s thread about kniz, there were complaints about his excessive use of the :rolleyes: smilie. As I am guilty of excessive use of the :wink: smilie, I’m wondering if I get just a little too cloying and cute in my posts.

And Magdeline, you needn’t reply because I already know how YOU feel. :wink:


Just remember what Magical Silver Key got when he asked questions like this.

You are a dark, tortured misanthrope in bunny slippers!


Nope. Just bored.

Okay, three hours, 112 viewings, and the only reply from the one person who didn’t need to. I’d say the consensus is that I DON’T get too cute except the drunks from overnight haven’t checked it.


Whazzat? Ish so clute and cloying when you do zat, baby.

::hic:: stumbles off, trips into closet, passes out on stinky sneakers and tennis rackets

You’re cute, but not excessively so. But don’t worry-- we still love you.

/me Jumping up and down.
Can’t believe how cute I think I am! :smiley:

“Cute,” in this case, is not intended as the NICE cute. It’s the “I want to beat his skull in” sort of cute. “Precious Moments” versus “Calvin and Hobbes.” I see myself more as Hobbes, but I fear I come across more as annoying.

Nope, not too cute at all.
And I’m listening this time.

I’m sorry, who are you again?

:smiley: <—The smilie I tend to overuse.

I don’t know about cloying and cute. I sometimes get the “black hole of neediness” vibe, tho.

I know that’s sometimes there. I don’t think this was an example, though. My original intention was a request for criticism. I don’t like to offend people unintentionally and was getting a vibe off the kniz thread that my excessive use of winkies (and bolds and italics and parentheses) might do that. The positive responses are not entirely reassuring. I’d rather hear from people who DON’T like me. What can I do to piss you off less?

Not that I’ll necessarily do it…

Or maybe I’m just feeling pugnacious.

Well I like you just fine. You post too much, you use too many smilies, and you need to start using mouthwash. Other than that you do ok. Do you work?

Theoretically. This T1 line is going to get me fired yet, though!

Apparently I’m not as annoying as I thought. I’ll just have to work on it.

Lynn, you may close the thread.

Belay that order, Lt. Bodoni. I want to see how many more times he can follow-up himself. Follow himself up. Somethin’.

Sir, I do not normally follow myself up more than once, and by posting your intervening post you have prevented any more.

Mr.* Bodoni, you have your orders.

    • Does the Navy really call officers “Mister” regardless of gender? I know Starfleet does.

Just so’ya know, following yourself up in public will get you a night in jail in these parts.

It’ll grow hair on your palms, too.

The Navy - don’t think so.

Starfleet - you’re dead wrong there.

Miss Bodoni, may I remind you that I retain my old rank of commander in the vastly outdated Star Fleet game and outrank this chicken officer. Keep that thread open, hard astarboard, full speed ahead!