Do I need permission to use the script from a TV show?

For example:

Let’s say I wanted to film people, pets, etc. recreating episodes from an old television show and they used the script verbatim and then I post the video on YouTube or my own website. Do I need to get permission from someone to avoid some sort of copyright infringement, or would I not need to because it falls under satire or some other similar thing?

If I do need permission, how does one go about getting it?

  1. Yes. The script is copyrighted.

  2. Contact the producers of the show, for a start.

given that 1) you don’t sound like you’re actually “satirizing” it, and 2) intend to use the entire script, I’m fairly sure fair use doesn’t apply. I’m not sure even if it was satire that fair use would allow you to use the script in its entirety, only excerpts.