Do I need to competely empty the fridge for repairs? (need answer fast!)

I imagine this has a factual answer but the amount of time I spent debating where to post could have been spent emptying the fridge if that turns out to be the answer.

The refrigerator in my apartment has stopped working. Not doornail dead, just ailing. The maintenance manager for the building assures me that someone from an appliance repair company will be out to look at it sometime today.

If people come to repair it and there are items in there are they going to leave and tell me they can’t work on it until it’s completely empty?

I guess my real question is whether they have to tip it over to work on it, or just move it out from the wall.

Thanks in advance.

where controls, fans and ducts are they will need to get a bent arm into there. if it needs to be moved then things could tip and spill.

they won’t tip it over.

have boxes to load stuff into.

I had mine serviced last summer. The fan in the freezer was making a noise. The service guy set a few things from the freezer onto my counters. He was done 20 min later and I put stuff back after he left. He offered to put stuff back, but I didn’t want to take up his time.

I wouldn’t empty a refrigerator just to get it serviced.

Thanks. There wasn’t all that much in it. When I got home it seemed that some things had been taken out and put back in.

Since I wasn’t home when the repair was made I have no idea what the problem was. I may never know.

Time to go buy ice cream.

No, they will not tip it over. That by itself could ruin the refrigerator, if it still works. Fridges have to be kept upright at all times.