do i need to refrigerate soy sauce?

I hate cold soy sauce, but the bottles always say to refrigerate after opening. I’d rather not. Every sushi place i’ve been to has the soy sauce sitting out on the tables. Do i need to keep it refrigerated? How long will it last if i dont? I can handle raw fish, but i don’t want to die of soy sauce poisoning :slight_smile:

I don’t refridgerate it, and nobody has dropped dead yet. I just checked the label, and it doesn’t say “Refrigerate after opening.” Then again, it’s in Korean. : )

In all seriousness, I think it’s too damn salty for anything but halophiles to live in . . . and I don’t think you can get sick from halophiles.

I timidly dont refrigerate mine. It sits on top of the stove. I say timidly because I wonder the same thing you do, and every time I use it I think, “I should probably be refrigerating this”. Then I think, “yeah but its made by fermintation, what else could go wrong with it?” Then I think, “yeah but your not so smart, you dont know what kind of things could be growing in there DESPITE the salt! You don’t know EVERYTHING!”

I haven’t died yet though.

for what it’s worth, i do NOT refrigerate my ketchup even though it says to do so after opening. Maybe soy sauce is the same? Anyone living in japan (where they don’t have all the FDA label requirements) know how they ‘keep’ their soy sauce?

I’ve looked at every brand sold here (kikkoman, etc) and they all say to refrigerate after opening.

No, you don’t need to refrigerate soy. In Japan, they don’t refrigerate, I used to see big cans of opened soy sitting in the kitchen.

It doesn’t last indefinitely; soy sauce beyond it’s best tastes dull, so if you don’t use it much, it would probably be best kept in the fridge, not because it’s going to become unsafe to use if you don’t, it will just keep its aroma better that way.

I don’t like cold ketchup, but I usually keep it in the fridge anyway. I have left it out for weeks though. I actually found this bit of information when I was being very lazy. I didn’t want to get out of my chair, so I looked up wheter or not I really had to put the ketchup back.

It’s amazing what doesn’t seem to need refrigeration. I know I’m gonna hear some ewww’s, but each item listed we have personal experience with.
Soy Sauce
Miracle Whip
Peanut Butter

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, would have to check the pantry to find more.

Experience gained with up to five kids at home at once, potentially long winters and a long way to the nearest store. We have always tended to stock up with the larger sizes and haven’t poisoned any of 'em yet.

People refrigerate peanut butter?

Here’s some discussion on the subject in this forum from last year.

Peanut butter can develop aflatoxins, which are carcinogenic. Better to refrigerate to hinder their developing.

I used to keep tomato ketchup out of the fridge, but I don’t use it a great deal and it used to spoil (it would ferment in the bottle and the gas pressure would spray me with sauce when I opened it (reservoir hotdogs)), so I keep it in the fridge now.

I don’t refrigerate any of those, and they last well over a year (I buy the really big bottles). Also not refrigerated by me:

Pancake Syrups
Hershey’s chocolate syrup (for making choco-milk)
Sweetened condensed milk
ALL Salad dressings

Do you not refrigerate Parmesan Cheese (in the little green cans) either?

I keep the ketchup in the fridge (but not peanut butter). Sometimes, when I take it out and put it on the table, I don’t use it right away. So it warms up. Which causes pressure to build up in the bottle. When I do use it, it kinda spews a little.

Mustard does this too. I’ll shake it up when I get it out. If I wait too long to open it, the warm air bubble under the glob of mustard causes a little yellow geyser.


I’ve seen Ketchup Gone Bad (next Thursday on FOX!) and trust me, spoiled-ketchup spurtle is considerably more vile than warming-ketchup spurtle. Smells gross, and the ketchup gets all runny.

Before I discovered that it actually comes from a solid block of actual cheese & subsequently learned how to operate a cheese grater, I did buy those green cans, and no I didn’t fridigelate them either.

miracle whip is mayo… you don’t refrigerate mayo?? Jeez i’d be afraid to not refrigerate that.

i guess i will feel better about not refrigerating soy sauce though. If warm soy is good enough for the japanese, it is good enough for me.

I never refrigerate my soy sauce. Then again I have also been known to drink it straight from the bottle when my body is in desperate need of salt. I like the taste of “aged” or “further fermented” soy sauce because I assume that some of the water evaporates making for a higher concentration of salt. Yum.

I am relieved to see that I will not be the only one accused of child endangerment should anything ever happen. I am always the test case in anything questionable though.

As an aside to Mr. Wishbone, I gotta bone to pick with you lad. I tried your salmon recipe last night, you know the one with the brown sugar and soy sauce marinade? It sounded good and I only altered it a tiny bit with some garlic and ginger and put it on the BBQ, per your instructions. Actually, I started some rice on the stove first and before pouring all that good looking marinade down the sink, thought to myself, “Self, rice and soy sauce are made for each other, right?” So I substituted the marinade volume for an equal volume of water for cooking. Stunk up the whole house but I didn’t notice it because we were outside with the BBQ. Pop the lid on the BBQ after a few minutes and the fish was done perfectly! Brought it back in and turned the rice off. The rice did look kinda odd, like it never cooked, all the moisture gone but the rice still hard as when it went in the pan. Tasted like it looked. Our only other complaint with you sir, is the salmon at FOUR dollars a pound tasted just like Soy Sauce at four dollars a gallon.

I apologize for hijacking the thread for a moment, but the subject was soy sauce and I did want to have a word with Mr. Wishbone, though it didn’t seem worth its very own thread.

Anyone have any idea what may have happened to the rice? I even drained and rinsed the rice and tried to re-cook it in plain old water with no success. Put it out for the birds this morning and haven’t seen any of them since.

I don’t want you to feel all persecuted now Mr. Wishbone, I just blame you for the salmon, not the rice.