Do I Need Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Or Both (2007 Toyota Yaris)

My transmission light came on yesterday while driving to a relative’s home, and then on the way, the power steering gave out. So quick & easy fix, right? Just add transmission fluid? Or is there more to the process?

Also, I’ve found what I think is the transmission fluid receptacle. How much do I put in?

As it turns out, 2007 Yarii have electronic power steering, so no fluid to leak. Any idea why my power steering went out at the same time the transmission light came on?

Maybe a common electrical problem? Check your fuses.

Their absolutely will be power steering fluid in the rack and pinion, it just has electrical rather than full mechanical control. Sealed system. If the fuses are good and you still do not have power steering, try to take a peek at the electrical module sitting immediately above the rack and pinion. That is close to the firewall and directly downward and check to make sure any connectors have not fallen out/dirty/burning plastic smell etc…

Put a cardboard box that will fit between both front wheels all the way across and check for drips. The fluid fill should be immediately to the left of the battery. Do not add unless there is a dipstick that will let you check and make sure to do it on level ground. If transmission fluid is low, you have a leak and will need to get it repaired. If it is low, add half a quart or less at a time of the fluid type recommended by the owners manual. If there is to be a leak, look on the cardboard under the car for drips, and look around the pan (bottom) of the trasmission for it. Should be a red fluid that smells musky, power steering fluid will not have the smell.

I believe the Toyota system for that year is fully electronic (EPS). There is only a motor geared to the steering shaft. Its speed and direction are governed by torque input from the steering wheel filtered through the main controller. Assist varies with speed.

The assist motor is right at the dash level and the rack and pinion is a separate unit in the usual place.


Same thing happens in my son’s 2007 Cobalt. Error code in the system point to ECM or transmission control module or some other generic short. He shuts the car off for a full minute and it usually works upon restart.