Do Iraqi's want Saddam Hussein killed?

I realize that the internet is worldwide so, I’d like to hear from Iraqi’s only on whether or not they want to be “free’d” from Saddam Hussein.

Yes or No?

…assuming that we have any Iraqi Dopers…

…and that they aren’t worried about the Iraqi Gray Men monitoring their computers…


Well, since no Iraqis have yet weighed in (don’t hold your breath)…

There are many Iraqis that believe whatever the Saddam-controlled media says–about the same proportion of Americans that believe our America-centric media to be impartial, I imagine–but many more that do not. Iraqi Kurdistan, for example, would very much like the U.S. to overthrow Saddam.

Various places in Iraw detest him. IIRC there was talk of Iraq seperating into 3 different states if Hussein is killed.

I believe Iraq is perhaps the only country (now that the Taliban are out) with no internet servers or access at all, aside from maybe the top levels of government.

The most ironic thing about the US toppling Hussein is that the ones who would benefit the most from it are the Iraqi people themselves.

Iraq is an absolute military dictatorship. It is not at all a cliché to say that openly criticizing Saddam there will get you executed. Not to mention that he’s been in power for over 30 years so lots of people only know of him being in power, and a lot of those people are not overly educated in how the rest of the world works.

But suffice it to say that Hussein cares nothing about his people. He is not a leader or a ruler or a king or even a bureaucrat. He is a murderous criminal. All he cares about is maintaining his power any possible way he can. He used poison gas on his fellow muslims (the Kurds) and went to war against them (the Kuwaitis & Saudis).

I would say that the Iraqis that know this would love to be rid of him and the ones that don’t know this also would if they did.

Hail, yea, I dig what you’re saying. And I don’t disagree, just playing devils advocate here that there are some that feel that the US is always playing World Police, that they need to “straighten everyone out” so that they are more like Americans.
Same with Castro, he’s been in place for what - 45 years or so?

So, I guess what I’m wondering is if we (US) do what we feel is necessary, maybe sending a delta force in and take Hussein out of power, will Iraqi’s on the whole just start jumping up and down in celebration?

Would it be like the guards of the wicked witch of the west after water was thrown on her; they all just put down their pole’s and yelled “Hail, hail to Dorothy”. Something like that?

Well, I doubt if they’d be hollering “hail, hail to Dubya” and giving him much personal credit for the “save”, but I do think that overall they’d react in much the same way as post-Taliban Afghanistan. Some people would use the occasion to make a completely fresh start, some people would insist on going back to the old way they used to do things Pre-Saddam, and some people would go, “Saddam who?” and keep right on doing whatever it was they were doing. :smiley:

Generally, I’d look for Iraq to start getting online, for one thing. The Internet is obviously where the action is for the 21st century.

I assume that there must be people in Iraq who support Saddam because they’re more opposed to the other likely rulers: I suspect some Sunni moslems would rather be ruled by Saddam that by a fundementalist Shia government. And similarly for some non-Kurds in Kurdish territory who would rather be Iraqi.

Another side to it is how many people in Germany in WW2 fought for their country even though they were virulently opposed to the Nazi regime: many people think loyalty to their country under threat is a high virtue, and although they might not love Saddam they would be opposed to violent insurrection or invasion.

So while most may not like Saddam, many might still not want him killed.

Iraqis probably don’t feel too much affection for Saddam, but they like him a lot more than Dubya. Whether they would benefit would probably depend on who took his place – a new leader might well behave similiarly. I do not know what feelings Saddam has for his people; even if he is a bad and corrupt leader it may be premature to say he has no feelings for mainstream Iraqis. Castro is in many ways far more competent and caring than Saddam and comparing the two is quite unfair.

Are you sure about this? I read in the NYTimes recently about the situation in (I believe) Kurdistan. According to the article, these people had essentially eked out their own country due to various political and social situations in Iraq. They were wary of US involvement, believing that a regime change would likely bring about the end of their fragile state.