Do-it-yourself medicine

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To medical doctors in these forums and anyone who cares to share opinions with me, what do you think of my way of practicing medicine (no, I am not a doctor, but I claim in all modesty to be an intelligent, informed, and practical person, concerned with savings on medicine and definitely with life and health).

In my home and for my wife and kids, and for myself, but specially for myself, and I also do it for people coming to me: after I receive the doctor’s prescription I look up my books on medicine, surf the Internet if necessary, and substitute the prescribed drugs for cheaper brands or even generics if available, and I buy these substituted ones from my friendly druggist. I monitor also the condition of ‘my’ patients.

For people taking a regimen of maintenance medicines that can cost as much as $200 a day, like for example the office worker downstairs who takes four medicines for her hypertension, two medicines subsequent to her mastectomy, three medicines for her diabetes, two for her constipation, and three for her headaches, pains, and all other discomforts, and two for her cholesterol, all prescribed severally by four doctors (one cardiologist, one cancer specialist, one diabetes specialist, and one ob-gyn), I do the same procedure for her, and get her to buy the medicines from my friendly druggist. I also read the lab diagnosis ordered by her physicians and thus monitor her condition.

I even tell her what medicines not to take or to take less or less times, if I see certainly from my reading and thinking and observation that ‘my’ patient is getting worse and worse if she should adhere faithfully to the doctor’s prescription. Why not ask her to go back to her doctor? More professional fees, that’s why; and loss of time and trouble.

I refer them also to alternative medical practitioners, like my favorite Chinese herbalists, who charge very much lesser and prescribe herbs which are so much more economical than conventional medicines, and in many instances more efficacious and proven to be freed of adverse unintended effects.

I recommend generally proper diet and physical activities and developing a clean conscience and a more rosy outlook on life, even prayer; although I am a postgraduate Catholic. Yes, I also pray for her and with her, to Anyone she prefers. I pray sincerely and devoutly, I assure you. (What a Pharisee. He he he.)

No, I don’t charge her and other coming to me for ‘medical’ service, and I don’t receive any commission from my friendly druggist. No, he does not give me anything on Christmas either. It seems he has some attitude akin to mine. He is a properly licensed pharmacist, owner and manager of his own drugstore. Yes, he’s taking risk with me; but he’s not worried.

No, I don’t have many patients, only people who trust me and they are very few. Ha ha ha.

Susma Rio Sep

Isnt it illegal to practice medicine without a license in the USA?

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Well, they are right not to trust you. My opinion is that you are playing around in a field you have insufficient experience or knowledge, a field that is almost certainly life-threatening. If you see that “your” patient is getting worse it is almost certainly because you have hurt them in some way.

Bottom line, doctors go through a lot of school to make them qualified to diagnose conditions and prescribe medicine, and for you to consider yourself to be better qualified is the most arrogant, conceited, egotistical, and more importantly dangerous thing I have encountered in a long time. Stop your interference immediately, and perhaps you may avoid the pain of a murder on your conscience.