Do-it-yourself veterinary stuff

This goes out to Michelle and anyone else who has an opinion…

What do you think of do-it-yourself vet treatments? In the past I’ve given all my cats their shots at home, though I take them to the vet for it now (I can afford to now, couldn’t then)… and I have to say that while I am really glad it was an option (I could just go to the store and buy the shots I needed) giving a cat a shot is HARD! It’s like poking a needle through leather! It took three of us to do it, two to hold the cats immobile and one to do the shot… we of course towel-wrapped! But the needle going in is kinda slow because we aren’t professionals, we were scared of hurting the cat, didn;t want to jab the thing clear through the cat, etc… the cats hated it… it was a pretty stressful and miserable thing. So then I think… well not everyone is as loving and caring as we are… and there are a lot of stupid people out there. We got detailed instructions on how to give the shot and where, but some people might just go jabbing it in wrong…etc. So in light of that I almost don’t think that it should be available…

What think you?

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If the choice was between do it yourself and not doing it at all - I’d rather the cat had the regular series of shots at home than go totally unprotected.

You’re actually the first person I’ve ever heard of that has done this. I don’t think it is an option for too many people. Just getting a cat wrapped would be enough to make most people quit and take the cat to the vet.

I’d hate to have an option removed unless it was documented that many cats were being injured because of this kind of home care.

Not to mention (!) that having a vet check out the cats/dogs/pets now and then is a very good thing.

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Jois, you would be surprised how many people do their own vaccines.

The problem with at home shots:

  1. Quality control. I have to be suspicous of vaccines sold at feed stores or other such places. With all the new web sites popping up offering discounted vet stuff, you have a better chance of finding good quality vaccines, because many of these places get their supplies from the same place vets do.

  2. Knowledge of how to administer. As Opal mentioned, the average person will not be comfortable doing this sort of thing themselves. It can end up being a stressful experience for the pet and the owner. there is a potential for injury (for the pet and the owner! haha!) And not only does one have to know HOW to give the shots, one also must know WHERE to give them. I don’t think the average person realizes there are specific places on a cat’s body where shots should be given. Normally, the rabies vaccine should be administered subcutaneously in the area of the RIGHT hip, and the upper respiratory/feline leukemia combo goes inthe left hip. This strict protocol is being utilized now due to feline fibrosarcomas. If you have never heard about this-ask your vet!

  3. Knowledge about what vaccine protocols should be used for puppies and kittens vs adult animals. You need to know what vaccines should be given, at what age, and how often.

  4. When you take your pet to the vet for vaccines, your pet gets much more than shots. It gets a full physical exam by the veterinarian, who can alert you to health problems you may not be aware of. If everyone did at home vaccines, many, many health issues would go unaddressed, because most people will only visit the vet when it is time for shots.

In general, I would have to say that while it is certainly ideal to have the animal see a vet for vaccines, an informed pet owner can probably do them at home safely. I stress the word informed. However, I still advise a yearly check up by the vet, just to make sure everything else is ok. And of course, never, never try to treat a pet’s ILLNESS at home without consulting a vet.

My dead stuffed dog, speed bump, needs no veterinary care… well, except for the weekly vacuuming.

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Have you tried the dryer? Low temp, a touch of fabric softener and you’re done!

Oh, I’m gonna keep using these #%@&* codes 'til I get 'em right.

We still have the vet come for calf vaccinations and the emergency type things but do a majority of cow care ourselves. I guess it depends upon your experience and whether you feel comfortable with your diagnosis and ability to treat the problem properly.

I do my horse’s vaccinations myself (although he is seen annually by his vet to have a Coggins test pulled and rabies vaccination and a quick physical) and don’t have any problems. I take my dogs and cat to the vet for their vaccinations, though. I’m a wimp - I’d rather someone else hurt them. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know where to put that needle, you could hit a nerve. Like the nurse did on my friend at Docs on Duty, not a pretty picture.

We only have fishies at our house. When our favourite long time fishy, Ick, died last week, we had a do it yourself funeral at home… The Royal Flush.

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An Aside for a second-

Isn’t Ick a fish disease??
Who named the fish after a fish disease! Sheesh! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Ha ha, Frankie, I thought that too! Kind of like those dopes who named their kid Lou Gerhig… wasn’t that kind of asking for him to get that disease?

I did quite a bit of veterinary work when I was a cowhand, pulling calves, giving shots, applying rubber bands, etc. It’s not too bad once you get some experience.

I draw the line at self dentistry.

Frankie, our first two fish were Ick and Uh Uh, two of my son’s favourite words :slight_smile:

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

I think we need to recognize that farm animals are not the same as companion animals. Since I have absolutely no interest in or knowledge of large animals, I won’t comment on do-it-yourself treatments of them.