"Do James Lipton have to Julienne a chienne?" , or, That James Lipton was once a Paris pimp

To be fair to Lipton he explained his role as a macquereau is different than the American version of a pimp. He worked for the prostitute, she did not work for him. It was basically marketing. He would find American tourists who wanted some action and bring them to the prostitute.

I just had to drop in to give props to Sampiro for this. I had to read it twice to get it, but it was so worth it. Well played.

“Feel the vibrations! Feel it, feel it!”

He wrote the song 53rd and 3rd which was a well-known location for men to pick up rent boys at the time. It was intimated back in the day that Dee Dee wrote from experience - I would have to go back to the documentary End of the Century (a must-see for any fans of good music docs, and of course the Ramones) because I think it was discussed - I want to say that Dee Dee just said he was writing about stuff he saw more than his own life…

Nah, 1970’s, I think. :slight_smile: My aunt was an actress. She wasn’t famous, but she ran in those circles in New York City.

Aye, that’s the movie I was talking about and yes, they did discuss the song. And yeah, my recollection is that he said he was writing about the place not about his own life. In fact, I don’t think he had a heroin problem until many years after he wrote the song.

But, I’ll be home tomorrow evening and I’ll try and give the film a looksee to find the interview about 53rd & 3rd.