Do Jews (Orthodox, refor, conservative, other) see the Catholic Eucharist as idolatry?

See title.

This is really a factual question. Please move if GQ is more appropriate.

refor = reform

Nah, it’s just another goyim ritual. None of our business.

Hell, there are some Protestants that do!

How could it be considered idolatry if Jesus was God and the bread and wine turned to God (Jesus being God to them).

Because they believe that Jesus said, “this ‘is’ My Body and this ‘is’ my blood” they take it literally. To many it is symbolic.

Would it be idolatry if one worshiped an unseen unproven being? wouldn’t that be the same?

The Trinity is more of a reason to consider Christianity to be idol-worhip than the Eucharist is.