Do kids today call going steady "married'' (like on Facebook)?

I noticed on my cousin’s kid’s Facebook page that it says she’s married. I asked my Mom if she actually got married without me hearing about it (I think she’s like 19 or 20), and she says that the young people these days call it “married” when they go steady. Anybody hear of this?

The kids lives in North Carolina, and the family is pretty bible-belt fundamentalist, if that means anything.

I’m no kid anymore, but I think you have the case of a starry-eyed teeny-bopper who can’t imagine life without her boyfriend. Let’s see what happens when Cletus finally leaves Dogpatch and meets City-wimmins.


They don’t. Facebook isn’t quite the most serious thing for most people.

Facebook relationships statuses like that don’t really mean anything. It could mean that they’re in a serious relationship, or it (more likely) means that they were bored one day and decided to put that as their relationship status as married with so-and-so.

Next you’ll be telling me people’s "Location:"s here on the Dope aren’t always meaningful! :eek:

Can’t answer the OP, but in a similar situation, I think it’s only in the past five or so years that I’ve heard the word “single” being used as a synonym for “having a significant other” instead of strictly referring to marital status.

Speaking as a kid-with-a-facebook: No. “Married” status actually usually indicates that people aren’t in a relationship - people will mark themselves as “married” with a best friend just as a silly joke pretty consistently. It’s more borne out of the ridiculousness of having the options on facebook be “Single/In A Relationship/Married” than anything else.

Never heard of that. None of my friends nor I have ever used the “married” status in that way…Some people get “married” to their friends just for fun, but that’s the closest I can think of for that situation.

I agree with the other “kids” here. The Married status usually means they’re best friends. If it weren’t so, then apparently a lot of my female friends are lesbians.

ETA: Think of it this way: if you’re single, you have two options for that status. 1) Waste space by putting “single” there 2) Use it to declare a best friend in leiu of a SO. Which one seems more fun to you?

Yep, and a lot of times they’ll be “married” to somebody of the same sex, when neither of them is gay. It’s just funny.

I have, however, heard of people referring to themselves as “married”, or “wifing it”, when hanging out with their girl, but always in an obviously joking fashion.

Hmmm. So, nowadays words don’t mean the same things as they used to? Is nothing sacred? What has the world come to? It’s madness, I tell you, madness. I long for the old days, when songs had lyrics like this:

The world has gone mad today
And good’s bad today,
And black’s white today,
And day’s night today,
When most guys today
That women prize today
Are just silly gigolos
And though I’m not a great romancer
I know that I’m bound to answer
When you propose,
Anything goes

Of course, a proposition may just mean an introduction on Facebook.
Just sayin’

If love affairs you like
With young bears you like

Kinda makes the question about human-ape interbreeding seem rather tame…

FWIW, my nephew’s age on Facebook is 117.

Hmm. Maybe words didn’t mean the same when Cole Porter wrote that song, either. He was bisexual/mostly gay.

And for that matter, then my 20-year-old cousin was at one point “married” to her 17-year-old sister.