Do large breasts always hurt, or can some women carry them without problems?

Just curious. Are large breasts always a ticket to back problems for most women, or do some women have enough muscle and strong enough bodies to carry them without problems?

Hurt? Why do you think they hurt? :confused:

Umm… because lots of women with large breasts claim they are painful and cumbersome, and would much prefer to have considerably smaller breasts.

Cumbersome, maybe, but painful?

Maybe you could define what you consider “large.” The women I’ve heard complain about this are way bigger than DD cups.

I’m a DD, and they’re only painful on the rare occasions when they get whacked or injured in some way. (p.s. Here’s some advice for well-endowed ladies: Do NOT take a baking sheet out of a hot oven when you’re not wearing any clothes! Very minor burn, but kind of embarrassing to explain.)

Interesting , maybe I’ve put too much stock in the complaints I’ve heard.

Green Bean - ouch.

I think that, before women splurge for elective breast augmentation, they should first be required to wear a bra all day long in the cup size that they are aiming for. If it’s my size they’re after (DDD)… good luck finding support that also manages to be comfortable and affordable. Not happening!

I don’t know about other women, but mine are partly responsible for back pain. I also have reoccurring stabbing pain in my breasts.

Big boobs, in the kitchen, no clothes.

I think you’re doing this on purpose. I’ll be back in ten minutes.

Maybe frame has something to do with it? I have heard lots of big breasted women complain of back pain, but I never had any. I am a large women overall, though. Maybe a slim woman with large breasts experiences more pain.

That was kind of my question. If a woman has a reasonably robust skeletal frame and musculature is being busty normally going to be that much of a problem? At least for you and Green Bean the answer is “no”.

The BOOBS don’t hurt. They can, however, cause back pain, and also shoulder pain from the strain on the bra straps. And yes, frame has something to do with it.

The bigger the boobs, the smaller the frame, the more aches and pains.

I have DDs, but I’ve got the frame of a German peasant. Occasionally, my back hurts, but it’s almost always about my posture and whether I’ve been working out or not.

I can only go by what my first wife stated. She was 5’0" tall and a petite woman with very VERY large breasts. She finally had a breast reduction and is much happier. She complained about her back all the time. As I recall she was either DD or DDD but it has been several years since we have been divorced and even though we are on good terms, I don’t believe my current wife would appreciate me calling my ex up and asking her about her boobs though :slight_smile:

I don’t suffer any pain in any form because of them (I’m a DD too), but trying to find a comfortable bra is, well, a pain, and expensive, but that was covered in a thread a few months ago.

Cup size is not an objective measure of volume; they are a measure of the proportion between the widest part of the chest and the widest part of the breast. So, a 32DD is much smaller volumetrically (and, obviously, weighs less) than a 40DD.

This. There’s also the pain of the straps on the shoulders.

In my case there’s also the fact that I am short (5’2"), so my breasts are not in proportion with my frame. And yes, I hate them and I’ll get a reduction sooner than later.

Not hurt, but my eyes do tend to wear out after a whole day of ogling.

Large breast can certainly be painful, and I don’t in any way mean to downplay that pain. However, I think there are some psychological reasons why that pain is sometimes not exaggerated but over-emphasized and why the OP could have gotten the impression that large breasts always result in excruciating pain.

When one has the largest breasts in one’s peer group, one gets comments. This starts in middle school: other girls say “I wish I had your figure”. Adolecent girls are often programed to deflect compliments like that–self-deprecation is built in almost from birth. So girls respond with “yeah, but they kill my back”–and they really can lead to back pain, but the talking about it is linked to that need to undermine compliments (Try this. Compliment a teenage girl on ANYTHING and she will tell you why it sucks). It’s even worse when boys say something in those years because the compliment is always poorly handled at best–the big-breasted girl finds the whole topic awkward anyway, so when boys make some comment about her breasts–often an oblique reference–the girl is quick to say “you have no idea how painful these are. It’s not awesome”. This is likely true, but the reason she makes a point to say it to the boys is to say, basically “quit being facinated by these. They aren’t magic, they aren’t special, and I don’t like it”.

There also exists a type of girl who seems to complain about her big-breast-linked back pain all the time as a pretext to talk about her big breasts all the time. I think this occurs but is far less common.

Anyway, in no way am I saying that breasts can’t contribute to back pain–of course they can–I am just suggesting a reason why it might seem like big-breasted girls talk about it a lot.

This is what I was going to say. I wear a 34DD and my actual boob volume is much less than one of my girl friends who’s a 42C.

As to getting fake boobs and supportive bras - umm, women with implants don’t need to wear a bra - their boobs just stay in the same place, generally. (At least that’s how it is with my friends who have implants - YMMV.)

Anyhow - 34DD - no back pain. Although I suppose if suddenly they were gone maybe I’d notice a difference. Dunno.

Even medium sized breasts can be a pain in the ass - the boyfriend is trying to teach me to box, and this would have been a LOT easier in college when I had to hunt for a specific model of Playtex that came in size “nearly A”. They were called, and I am not kidding, “Thank Goodness It Fits”. Oh, the irony, it burns.