Do logicians ever become rich?

Are there any people who have made money after devoting their lives to studying logic?

More specifically somebody who has used their knowledge in logic to solve a problem or engineer a situation to their advantage and obtain a profit in return?

I guess a lot of the examples would be computer-related e.g. creating software, but I’m struggling to think of something in business they could manipulate.

Can logicians ever apply their skills to making large amounts of cash?
(YES YES I know that’s not why logicians study logic. I’m just asking out of curiosity).

Modern logic has little to do with applications, and is extremely unlikely to make its practitioners wealthy. Of course, there may well be wealthy logicians who’ve obtained their wealth in other ways, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking for.

I’ve heard of computer scientists who’ve made quite a bit of money from their research, but that’s a separate discipline.

There’s pretty much no mathematician who’s in it for the money. If one were in it for the money one would take a good bachelor’s degree and run, not walk, to Wall Street to get hired by any number of firms there rather than waste all the time on graduate degrees and go into academia.

I mean, it’s only logical.

The best possibility to make cash with less profitable disciplines seems to be writing textbooks. Regarding the prices of some academic literature, there seems to be a lot of money in there. Of course a large portion of it goes to the publishing company, and the print run might aren’t that high.
Several professors who wrote their own books I met at university (I’m studying law) insist that you doon’t get rich from writing textbooks.

I edit logic puzzles. Of course, they’re actually about process of elimination, not logic. Plus I’m not getting rich doing it.

Never mind.

Leonard Nimoy did allright for himself.