Do make money from email sites work?

I just got an email from a friend today with a link to this site, after reading it, I can’t see how it is a scam. Aside from your inbox being full of offers (which would be ok if you have an alternate email addy for these things), I cannot see how it wouldn’t work. Anyone care to enlighten me?
Mint Mail?

I would be very skeptical. Even if it’s legitimate, the likely result is that when you sign up, the email address you give will be flooded with junk mail. If it were a legitimate operation, it might work like one of those “Get Paid $$$$ to Surf the Internet” sites, where you can sign up and earn about the equivalent of one hour’s minimum wage pay for every 50 hours you surf with their ads on your screen.

I looked at the MintMail link. The compensation structure, with the multi-tiered referral pay, looks somewhat like a pyramid scheme designed to harvest as many email addresses as possible. I would be wary.

At least a little… A few friends of mine at school decided to sign up, using the email link I got when I signed up. So far I have made a whole dollar! I can go buy a soda now!

I guess If I am farting around the internet I can read a few emails, I do anyway, so I guess getting paid a nickel for them is ok by me! The alternate email addy I have for this stuff is flodded by junk mail anyway, that is hwat it is there for, so I guess no harm for me as of yet!


A friend of mine signed up for a scheme like this. He earned five or ten pounds then discovered when he tried to collect, that rather than a cheque he would recieve gift vouchers.
If you click the sponsors link, the blurb there suggests you can only spend your money on self help audio books from one particular retailer.


Whoops. I checked the member agreement, to quote;

“all payments will be made in U.S. dollars.”

Let us know when you see the money Aqua, I’m half tempted to give it a go.


Is there anything in their contract that forbids their clients from reselling your address?

This sounds rather pro-spam to me:

So while they don’t allow you to do it, they sympathise with you over the “harsh” definition of spam. Hmmmm…

I’d say if you want to risk nothing, go for it, but use an email address that you’re prepared to surrender if it gets spammed like crazy. They only pay you for the spam you get officially from them, but I don’t see anyplace in the contract that says they can’t resell your address (or be shifty and send you spam that doesn’t carry the official seal and therefore make you money).

Well, I suppose it doesn’t really bother me that my alternate email address is flooded with SPAM… it is anyway, that is what I set it up for. That is where I send all those emails lists and stuff and what I have as my reply to for usenet stuff. I expect it to get flooded.

Anyhoo, I am up to a whole $1.25! It also says that it will pay you double if you want gift certificates, but I think I will stick to cash for me.

Will keep you updated,