Do medical people wear gloves for their protection or ?

Always wondered if medical people, ambulance and others wear the gloves for their protection only or for the protection of the patient also ?
I have watched shows on TLC and when doctors are operating they pick up phones touch all kinds of different things with the gloves on then go back to the patient.
I realize that most things in emergency rooms or operating rooms are sterile but always wondered if the safety of the patient is also considered ?

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I was a volunteer in an ER. The gloves were changed after touching another patient, their bedding, supplies, etc. Anything. What they probably don’t show is that the hands w/gloves are washed after touching phones, etc. as long as a different patient hasn’t been touched. Gloves are disposed of after every patient, bed changing, contaminated exposure. This includes nurses and volunteers and anyone who works with the public. Plus, there is frequent washing and wiping down with antibacterial wipes. They just don’t show it on TV because it wastes air time. And it’s boring.