Do medical residents with families get shorter hours

If a medical resident has a spouse and kids at home, are they able to get shorter hours or do all the residents work the same 60-80 hour workweek?

According to my sister, who entered medical school at the age of 46 when she had a husband and two kids…

No, they do not get shorter hours.

No, no shorter hours. When you’re a Resident, you’re a Resident. Your family will see you in three to six years.

They take a sick pride in hazing their young.

IME they don’t officially have shorter hours but nevertheless tend to leave a bit earlier anyways.

I’m not aware of ANY profession where, as a rule, you can work shorter hours just cuz you’re married and/or have kids.

Why should they? Would you go to a doctor who had less training, because s/he had a family when a resident?


No. Why would they? If they want shorter hours they’re in the wrong job.

Although not given shorter hours, they do have the option to divorce, which some do.

I knew one young woman who had a baby while in med school, finished med school and then quit her residency after 6 weeks because she could not take it any longer. She is not a doctor now, 15 years later. I think she is evaluating medical claims for an insurance company.

I had a neighbor who did the same thing - I don’t know what she ended up doing, I lost track of her when they moved out of state.

I just kept thinking “oh, God, the school loans.” I do know the baby was planned, because when she was in med school and trying to conceive, I kept thinking “you are way more motivated than I am.”