Do most Scrabble tournaments pay?

(context=United States/Canada) I know the big national tournament has a first prize ~$10,000.

Do most National Scrabble Association tournaments have payouts for the winners?

Nope. Most consist of a small bunch of nerds in a church basement or rented room at the Y.

You might get a free cookie or two, though.

Last tournament I went to, I got a triple-triple with DOWAGERS. It is a feat I have not yet repeated.

So the entry fee is just to rent the space?

And great job on a triple-triple. I’ve never had one.

How do you guys find these? I want to play!

I’ve been getting into Scrabble (online*) lately, and when I went looking for tournaments I found this:

Usually, yeah, but ask your local club.

Check out the NSA list of clubs.

Most tournaments are pretty small, and some clubs meet for informal non-tournament play as well.

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