Do NASCAR drivers, um, drive?

What I mean is, do NASCAR drivers drive on public roads? A buddy of mine claims that most (all?) NASCAR drivers avoid driving on public roads for fear the low speeds would dull their skills. Sounds like a rational theory, but in a way it also sounds like bunk. Does anyone know?

Well, many F1 drivers drive on public roads; you occasionally hear of them getting speeding tickets. Of course, they don’t drive their race cars on public roads outside of the Monaco Grand Prix.

If F1 drivers (who actually have to turn the wheel in both directions, as opposed to NASCAR drivers) can do it, the NASCAR guys should be able to as well.

NASCAR drivers do, indeed, drive on public roads. However, anecdotal evidence would seem to show that their wives would prefer to do most of the family’s driving themselves to avoid speeding tickets. :wink: *

[sub]* From a comment made by driver Ward Burton in his introduction to his fan club’s newsletter, summer 2000[/sub]

Richard Petty once got pulled over for bumping peoples rear bumpers to get them to move out of the fast lane. (A trick I’ve yet to try, though I’ve often been tempted!)

i’d have to say, yes, they do drive.

  1. Driving is their passion. They’ll probably drive anything with a motor. anytime.

  2. F1 cars (some, if not all) require the driver to brake with the left foot and accelerate with the right foot. And they still drive normal cars on normal roads. So i would guess it’s a lot less of a problem for NASCAR drivers to drive on normal roads with normal cars.

  3. I’m betting a lot of these drivers own a 450+ bhp sports car and like to take it for a spin every now and then.

A couple of months ago, Ashley Judd called up Tom and Ray on Car Talk half-seriously complaining that her husband, CART driver Dario Franchitti, always drives when the two are in a car together.

Why is it called a sport? Driving is not a sport.

(I did the italics all by myself!)

What, never heard of pit stops?

Er, because it’s a sport.

The subject is currently under discussion in this thread. Have fun.

A few years ago, Richard Petty was reported to have rammed a car in front of him on an interstate highway because the driver was going too slowly for Petty’s taste.


“Stock-car racing legend Richard Petty, while running for
North Carolina secretary of state, paid a $65 fine last September
for improperly bumping a car that wouldn’t let him pass in the
left lane on Interstate 85. According to a state trooper, Petty
said if the driver got in front of him again, he was going to
knock his “rear end” off the road. Petty told a reporter, “Now
if it had been a NASCAR [racing] showdown, [the driver] would
have been over in the ditch somewhere.””


Is it just me or is this completely unacceptable? He should have lost his license for this kind of crap.

And to advance the thread. Having a full time chauffeur is kind of expensive only the stars could afford to not drive on regular roads. So even without all the evidence from previous posters the idea is pretty stilly.

They had an MTV Cribs at Earnhardt Jr.'s house, and he’s got the same selection of showy cars and trucks that all the other celebs have. Nice cars is a perk of having money, and even more so for a race car driver. And you can’t not drive it if you own it!

Nascar racers do have to turn the wheel in both directions, specifically on road courses but if anyone would like to take 200 laps at 180 mph and dare say that this isn’t a sport, I’d be happy to oblige.

The only thing stupider than driving a car around and around in a circle for 500 miles is…watching someone drive a car around and around in a circle for 500 miles.

I agree, maybe even spend a night in the county lockup.

Does anybody know whether NASCAR (or other circuit) drivers are even required to have a valid street driver’s license? NASCAR and others do their own de facto licensing for their own circuits. It would seem kind of irrelevant if the drivers are street-legal or not. Though it might be a terrible embarassment if it got out that a driver had their street license revoked, or never even got one.[/Hijack]

The major auto racing bodies all have their own requirements for entering into competition.

I doubt that NASCAR is going to be too worried about whether or not Jeff Gordon can parallel park, but it would like to know if he can handle a car going 180 mph in traffic with other cars trying to push him out of the way.

Although some races are held on public roadways, I believe that in those situations the authorities aren’t going to be checking people’s licenses.

I wonder if NASCAR, IRL, or CART guys can get insurance. Obviously they can’t get it for competition, but to drive on the streets in the US, you have to have it.

Yes they can, but only through a few companies in the U.S. that specialize in auto and life insurance for high-risk consumers such as race-car drivers, stunt men, and bull riders. The racing business publications often feature advertisements for such companies, but I’ve only seen a few different names in the ads, so I’m sure there’s not much of a choice.

Wait, wait. Does this mean that there’s a proper way to bump a car while traveling at interstate speeds? Oooh, I can’t wait. ::rubbing hands::

racinchikki, Bobt

You don’t need to get life insurance to drive a car. You need to get auto insurance to drive a car. Do race car drivers have to pay a lot of insurance to insure the family car?

I don’t know about NASCAR, but there was a similar case in either Moto GP or F1, i can’t seem to remember which. The driver/rider was underaged and not licensed to drive/ride on the road because he was underaged, but held a race licence. This was an australian GP (i think 2 years ago), but i can’t remember whether it was bikes or F1. It was one of these guys, marco milandri (sp?), valentino rossi, or jenson button. maybe someone here will be able to confirm which one.