Do non-human animals dream?

Do non-human animals dream like we (humans) do?

For example?

My cat occasionally makes running motions with her legs when asleep, and “talks” in her sleep. I presume this is dreaming, though of course I’ll never know for sure.

You might find This article to be of interest:

It should be noted, however, that not all animals enter REM sleep, and that not all animals that do have REM episodes show brain activity consistent with dreams.

REM Sleep & Animals

Our dog does all those things and he sometimes growls and barks in his sleep.

…as opposed to human animals?
Anyway, my dog does appear to dream. Sometimes if I wake him, he will even be disoriented for a second or so, like he still thinks hes in the dream (-Admittedly, my dog is very strange, so YMMV).

My dog actually has nightmares. (God only knows what they’re about-- maybe she’s dreaming we ran out of treats.) She whimpers pitifully. I usually wake her up, and pet her to let her know everything’s okay.

I think most of we pet lovers do this.

Anyways, I’m sure I’m not the only person who has a pooch that wakes up and immediately gives a sleep bark…even though there’s absolutely no noise at all.

-Joe, zzzzzzzzzzz -woof!-

Can animals remember their dreams, and if so, can they distinguish between dream events and actual events? For example, if my dog dreams she went to the park and wakes up, does she think she did indeed just go to the park?

If animals can’t tell the difference, life must be pretty surreal for them. “I’m running at the park!, Bam, now suddenly I’m lying on the couch!”

IANA Animal (Always wanted to say that!!) but I echo the dog dream experiences as well. As for REM sleep, my dog appears to have REM periods, his eyes are visibly moving under the lids, sometimes his eyes are even open and rolled back in his head where only the whites are showing.

I seem to remember seeing a TV programme where they were showing you these monkeys that were being trained to recognise certain things in photographs, by squeezing a metal bar, several of the monkeys fell asleep still clutching the bar and while they were asleep, every now and again they’d squeeze the bar, suggesting that they were seeing things (ie dreaming) while asleep