Do Not Disturb means knock loudly on my door and call my phone, right?

So I spent Tues-Sun last week in Rochester, MN for a convention. I stayed at the Days Inn downtown and was getting into my room late at night and staying up even later reading, and then sleeping in the next day. I sometimes returned to my room for a nap in the afternoon because my sleep was so poor.

I put the “Do Not Disturb” hangtag on the door when I was in the room.

The first morning there I was awakened by a loud pounding on my door. I ignored it at first thinking it must be another room, but it was repeated. I got out of bed and got dressed (I was sleeping in just a t-shirt) and opened the door. It was housekeeping wondering if I wanted the room cleaned.

The next day I was sleeping and the phone rang. They said the Do Not Disturb sign was on my room, but they were wondering if I wanted my room cleaned, so they were calling to ask. Then on my last day there, they knocked on the door and while I was getting dressed (I had a t-shirt and undies on so far) they opened my door!*

Anyway, after the first two events I complained to the front desk, who informed me that it was LAW that they check each room daily even if the Do Not Disturb sign was out, just to make sure there wasn’t a dead person in the room. I kind of think that sounds a little like BS. Anyone in MN know if this is true?

Also, am I being hypersensitive for being ticked off at being woken up three times while having the Do Not Disturb sign on my door?
*I had a roommate for the last 3 nights I was there, and she’d left before me, hence the deadbolt was not locked.

Sure sounds like BS but then I’ve never stayed in a hotel in MN. But Do Not Disturb signs have always worked for me.

I’ve had problems with “Do Not Disturb” signs now in 3 hotels I’ve stayed in recently. In West Virginia, Cleveland and Seattle. I don’t think I had a problem in NorCal but I may have been out of the room early.

Same situation…the sign is out, but housekeeping bangs on my door. Never called to complain, tho, as I figured somehow I was the weirdo because who is still sleeping in their hotel room at 10 am?

Well, I am! Vacation to me means sleeping in.

HELL no, that’s the entire point of DND signs, I’d be really pissed off with the hotel.

And surely, checking your room daily doesn’t mean they have to do when the DND sign is on the door. Presumably they could do it when you’re out? I could understand if the sign had been on the door for 24 hours straight, but beyond that, I think they are blindly following some law* without consideration of lessening its impact on their customers.

*if such a law exists.

I had that problem in San Diego - At the Hilton Bayfront of all places!

I’d been working non-stop for six days, never sleeping more than four hours. I had and early flight out on Sunday so had signed up for early checkout, Hosuekeeping had it down as Saturday.

So the housekeeper woke me at 6:00am, and I explained that she had the wrong day. 1.5 hours later her supervisor woke me to yell at me that he needed to clean the room early! I nearly punched him. I could give at least ten more examles of bad service there; an excruciating stay, matched only by the size of the bill.

In general though, it’s been my experience that “Do Not Disturb” often means “Knock Before Entering.” It’s a function of the pace at which Hotel Housekeepers are expected to work these days.

Call another hotel in Minnesota and ask them about this alleged law; that should get you some straight dope.

I’m sure the dead person cares if they are found later in the day. What a bad excuse.

When we stayed at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay, CA, I put up the DND sign for the entire 3 days we were there. They’re renowned for their stellar service, but I find it all to be rather intrusive to have someone come into my hotel room multiple times per day. To the best of my knowledge, they honored it.

I think they should leave any room alone with a “do not disturb” sign. If there’s a dead person there, won’t they know when he doesn’t pay his bill?

I had the opposite problem in March, even when we didn’t have the DND tag out, and when housekeeping was clearly making its way down the hall, our room got skipped. Multiple times.

Usually, I do leave a tip for the housekeeper. This time I didn’t.

Yeah, but what if he’s not dead, just dying.

This has happened to me countless times across the US, regardless of how posh or how ghetto the hotel was.

I often traveled for work for weeks at a time, so I would want to sleep in on saturdays and sundays. No amount of DND signs or pleading with the front desk would keep them from doing it; I eventually just got used to it.

Also, the whole “hang your towel up if you don’t need it washed” never worked. They always took them anyway.

I’m sending a politely worded letter to the manager of the hotel and CC’ing the president of the company. Don’t expect anything to come of it but I was really annoyed and it will make me feel better.

I work in hotel housekeeping. I don’t know if it’s the law, but it is company policy to check all DND rooms once a day–not just because there might be a dead body, but because frequently guests will take down the DND sign after housekeeping has gone home for the day and then pitch a fit to the management because their room wasn’t cleaned. :smack:

My solution on checking in when we want to sleep in is to tell the desk that we are going to be sleeping in until 9 am [which for us, normally up at 5 am is luxurious] and not to disturb us until then. We also put out the DND sign, and put a post it note on the door, and latch the chain or bar security bar thingy. If they do decide to bop in, the security thingy keeps the door from opening more than a couple inches and we can tell them to go away until 9 [or whatever time]

You can specify a time for housekeeping to come after just like you can ask for an early service.

It’s what I’ve come to expect in hotels now. My latest problem, called the front desk for a wakeup call, “This is Mr. TriPolar in room 445, could I get a wake up call at 8:30 in the morning?”. “No problem Mr. Tripolar, I’ll put that right in the computer.”

The wakeup call came at 4:45 AM.

Had the same problem with a hotel I was staying at (coincidentally in Rochester, NY). I was staying at the hotel while looking for a local apartment. And I was working a night shift job. I explained to the hotel staff that I was working nights and would be sleeping during the day. But the same thing - they phoned me each day to ask me if I wanted the room cleaned. And when I complained they said the same thing - that they had to check on me once a day.

Ask them to tell you which law says they need to do that. Not “the Law” or “State Law” or “Federal Law”, but ask them to cite the specific law that says they need to do that.

The problem was I had a roommate, and she’d get up and leave before I did, so while the deadbolt and chain were on during the night, she couldn’t re-do them from the other side of the door.

*I don’t care if you’re dead
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“Housekeeping” - NRBQ

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