Do Officer Visitors on a Sub really Bunk with Enlisted? (JAG Episode)

He was an asshole, and his stateroom door was in fact routinely stolen. In fact, it was removed and hidden away on the first day of a 6-month deployment. The XO spent the whole deployment doing “inspections” of various compartments, but he was really just looking for his stateroom door. :wink:

He never found it. You wouldn’t think you could hide a door in a submarine, but the sailors who did it managed.

I actually spotted the door during a pre-watch inspection of the engine room a few months into the deployment, but I kept my mouth shut, of course. It was attached to the overhead (i.e. ceiling) in a dark recess in the engine room, with a large piece of black rubber matting attached beneath it that made it blend into the overhead.

The door was replaced by the sailors as we came back into port six months after it was stolen. :smile:

Was it by chance… a screen door? Because that would be hilarious.