Do online music stores let you re-download music, like if your disk crashes?

I recently had to re-format my Windows disk after a system crash, but I was lucky enough to be able to boot from a different disk to LINUX and write my mp3s to CD before remaking it.

This got me wondering about iTune and Napster and the like, can you simply re-download your music if you lose it?

Napster has a “Sync/Restore” feature for just such a situation.

Yes, and if you’re like me, too dimwitted to figure that feature out or look up the right thing in the FAQ, tech support will help you. With gritted teeth, I am sure, but no foul. lets you re-download as many times as you need to as well.

With iTunes, you definitely cannot.


Wow, that sucks with iTunes. If I were shopping for an online music store that would be a deal-breaker for me.

Yeah, that’s something that I hope will change about iTunes in the future. It also suxors that you can’t move your music from your iPod back into your hard drive without a considerable hassle. There’s third-party shareware that will do it, but it makes no sense to me why iTunes wouldn’t be able to do it. Probably some dumb anti-piracy thing to prevent you from uploading your whole collection to several computers.

But I have a large music collection with more music ripped than downloaded., and it just makes sense for me to keep it backed up anyway, since it’s a lot faster to move over mp3s from a CD-R than to track down and re-rip dozens of CDs. shrug