Do outdoors immunity-deficient safe habitats exist on Earth?

Are there any spots on Earth where someone with no immune system can safely live?

Suppose there was this remote desert with no active harmful microbes. Could a human colony be established there, with stringent quarantine procedures, and be safe for those bubble boys and HIV positive folks?

Would life expectancy be greater for regular folks in such a place?

IANABiologist. But, my guess is no.

The average desert is far from lifeless. There are numerous species of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and arachnids. Some of these cannot serve as vectors to transmit disease to humans. Others are perfect for the job.

Various flu and cold viruses can remain viable for a long time outside the body and can endure extreme conditions. While these are generally no worry for the majority of the population (OTTOMH Anthrax is the only virus I can think of that is both generally life-threatening, and is difficult to destroy in the environment), they could kill the entire population of such a settlement.

There are other problems as well.

What about emergency services?

How would you keep people out? One person convinced that the place was a front to cover up government research on ufos would bring a multitude of germs.

I missed the last question-

Based on Panati’s Extraordinary Endings Of Practically Everything And Everybody, I’d say a standard human would live somewhat longer if kept from infectious disease. But, it’s much easier to increase lifespan through proper diet and exercise.

How about the Atacama Desert?

Also, I was wondering how difficult the quarantine procedure would have to be. And how long might it take?

One example would be various rodents that live in desert areas, that are known to carry a bunch of disease - like the Hantavirus, which was discovered in the Arizona/Utah/New Mexico/Colorado border area.

You might be able to get by in the heart of Antarctica, but that would raise other problems. Including, of course, finding a way to bring in all the equipment you’d need without bringing any microbes with them.