Do palm trees grow from seeds?

We have five baby palm trees that just popped up in our side yard. We have no idea where they came from. There are lots of squirrels in the neighborhood, could they have buried palm seeds? Is that where palm trees come from?

They do grow from seeds.

Oh, yes!
They are weeds out here.

I know that at least some palm trees grow from seeds, but that those seeds are definitely not carried by squirrels.

(African swallows, though, maybe)

We have some palm trees in our neighborhood. There are some varieties (“jelly palm”?) that produce copious amounts of small fruits. I imagine birds will distribute these by way of beak or digestive tract. I have had a few baby palms spring-up in my yard as a result.

Also, in case you did not know, dates come from palm trees. The dates we eat all contain a pit (seed).

Right. Lots of palms have plum or berry-like fruits that are eaten by birds, which then regurgitate or pass the seed through the digestive tract. If these palms sprouted away from any other palms, that’s most likely how they got there. (Squirrrels bury seeds, but depending on the species birds may be more likely.

Not from the nuts?

Coconuts are only one out of thousands of species of palm.

The coconut is not a nut. It’s a drupe.

Just the other day I saw a squirrel come out of a palm tree with a palm seed in its mouth and bury it. I had never seen this happen before with any type of seed or nut.

To be precise, the squirrel didn’t actually bury the seed so much as wedge it under a boulder and cover it with grass and leaves. But I’m still counting it.

In common English, it’s a nut. It’s only a drupe if you are having a technical conversation with a botanist (or if you are being deliberately pedantic.;))

Tell someone you want to buy a cocodrupe and see how far it gets you.

Merriam Webster

So where’s the seed in a coconut? Don’t remember seeing one any of the times I’ve opened a coconut.

The entire coconut is a single seed. At least the part of it that remains after being prepared for market.

Here’s a video of a woman opening, preparing, and eating a sprouted coconut. I learned a lot about coconuts just from watching this. Enjoy!

What do you think a coconut is if it isn’t a seed? The entire spherical kernel contained within the fibrous husk is the seed. It includes a hard shell with solid (the coconut “meat”) and liquid (the coconut “water”) endosperm inside. The embryo won’t be noticeable until it germinates.

Okay, so it’s a drume, which fruits have a hard stone/seed surrounded by flesh, except the entire coconut is the seed? :confused:

Yes, but the “flesh” (the husk) is hard and fibrous rather than soft like typical drupes.

Just call it a nut, it’s easier.:wink:

Thanks, and thanks for not correcting my spelling error…embarrassing.

Is it? I’ve never seen a whole green cocodrupe in real life, but the flesh looks pretty fleshy.

What you are calling flesh is endosperm, part of the seed. What Colibri (and botanists) is calling flesh is the fibrous layer around the hard outer shell, which qualifies the coconut fruit as a drupe.