Do people drink sheep milk?

People drink cow’s milk and cheese, goat’s milk and cheese. What about sheep milk and/ or cheese?


Looks like:

People eat sheep’s cheese, but not me because I find it unpleasant. YMMV.

Of course, any readily available source of nutrition is likely to have been exploited. Unlike Shoshana I find sheep’s cheese absolutely delicious. Apparently mare’s milk is better for humans than cow’s milk.

Which does make me wonder about pig’s milk. Pigs are supposedly closer to human physiology than any other farm animal, which is why there are experiments on using pig pancreases to replace or supplement our for diabetics, for instance. So is pig’s milk close to human milk? I can’t recall hearing about it anywhere.

Some of the best cheese in the world is made from sheep’s milk. (It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it sure is to mine.)

My favourite yoghurt, which I have most days for lunch is Meredith Dairy’s sheep milk yoghurt.

I also buy sheep’s milk fetta when I can afford it; Greek-style cheeses often use sheep milk.

Romano cheese is traditionally made from sheep’s milk (though it also can be cow’s or goat’s).

A friend of mine has a herd of dairy sheep - I’ve tried the milk - I thought it was nice and creamy - but that might only be because it was whole milk and I’m accustomed to drinking semi-skimmed.
Cheese and yoghurt made from it is great.

Pecorino romano, when labeled as such, must me made from sheep’s milk. The name has “Protected Designation of Origin” status, like champagne and Parmigiano Reggiano. Pecorino, in fact, comes from the Italian for “sheep”.

Pigs are almost impossible to milk. While it’s possible to get pig milk for analysis, it’s just not a nutrition source.

Water buffalo, yaks, and camels are also milk sources in the native cultures which raise these animals.

You can even find camel milk ice cream.

I’ve tried sheep milk, and it ain’t ba-a-a-a-a-ad.


Okay, it’s taken me a long time to find the clip, master the technology, upload, etc. but it’s all worth it to bring you this!

Clarification please: Just what is it you find unpleasant?

I want to make sure I understand just what you’re asserting. :wink:

More on the benefits of sheep milk here:

The part where I eat it.

I’m curious, too, as to what could be unpleasant about it. Before I knew that feta was made from goat’s milk, and romano from sheep’s, it never occurred to me and wasn’t obvious. Finding out didn’t change my impression of those cheeses. And if no one had ever told me, I could easily think they were both cow’s milk-derived.

If you knew that Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano were made from the milk of two different animals, but didn’t know which was which, could you tell?

Point is, it seems more likely to be a perception issue than anything inherent in the flavor or texture. But maybe that’s just me and my unrefined palate.

I don’t like the taste of sheep’s cheese. I like goat cheese just fine. There’s no squick involved related to sheep per se. I’m thinking particularly of cheeses one eats on their own rather than melted into a sauce. I find a lot of sheep’s milk cheeses sour.

Ha-a-a-a-a-l likes it, too! :smiley:

Kind of a hijack, but I’ve always wondered:

Do Androids Drink of Electric Sheep Milk?

ISTR we did a thread on pig milk & pig cheese in the last year. The inability to search for “pig” makes it too hard for me to locate now.

The verdict was “Verrrry baaaad Missus Addammzzzzz”

In the business, it’s called “shilk”.