Do people who smoke develop an extra sense of well being for the time they smoke

Accoriding to a report that saw on national geographic channel the above statement was true for 99% of smokers , which i think is a bunch of crap.

Why would people smoke if that was not the case?

I know that’s the exact reason why I eat too many hamburgers.


I’d guess that the actual number is slightly higher than 99%…maybe 99.9%?

Nicotine – the wonder drug.

It makes you feel good when you feel bad.

It gives you a little rush when you’re tired.

It calms you down when you’re tense.

It’s better than Prozac. Too bad it stains your teeth, your fingers and your lungs.

I think in many cases it’s negative reinforcement, which is to say that when a smoker needs a cigarette (nicotine levels drop in the body), he gets jittery, cranky, etc. Smoking takes away these feelings of anxiety. Why do people smoke in the first place? The first few times you get a pretty cool head rush (you get dizzy), then you do it because it’s “cool” and you’re 16 or whatever, then finally you get addicted and it’s neither cool nor dizzying anymore. It’s just maintenance for life.