Do people with cluster headache disorder stand up better against torture

Not sure how you’d study this, but do people with chronic pain disorders stand up better to torture?

Especially people with cluster headache disorders, which are supposedly the worst pain a person can experience.

I can’t recall the source, but I’ve read that constant exposure to pain can make many victims *more *sensitive to pain, not less, and that that is why some burn or other major-injury patients are sedated, because otherwise their pain sensitivity will increase in the years down the road.

Also, I’d imagine that torture is a different bag altogether, in that you are dealing with a situation of a very different kind of fear and terror, and people with malicious intent towards you, and that in a certain sense whether the pain continues or not is up to you (well, if your torturers are only torturing you for information.) A cluster headache would be different - there’s no “malice” involved; just unfortunate nature at work, and there’s nothing you can do to reason with it except get meds or treatment. As for other forms of chronic pain, it’s predictable - it sucks, but at least you know what it’s going to be. Torture is totally unpredictable; they could do anything to you.