Do reptiles have penises? Do birds? Do whales?

Many many types of marine invertebrates use this strategy. Coral, crustaceans, etc, etc.

Yes, reptiles have penises. They’re just stored internally so you don’t see them much.

Snakes, in fact, have two penises–called the “hemipenis.” More accurately, they have a penis shaft that splits into two directions at the end. This is so they may penetrate the female from either side (snakes aren’t big fans of being upside down, so missionary position is out).

My corn snake, Henry, recently had a hemipenile tumor removed. I don’t know if that means he’s penis-less or not, but I learned more about snake penile problems than I really needed to know.

What, no picture? Pout

(And where can I get a picture of a whale’s penis, anyway? I thought the internet was supposed to have everything!)

you want a picture?

are you sure you want a picture? if you are a guy (sorry, i have no clue), you might not want a picture.

not because of Anatidaeic envy. i am serious.

mainly because even a seventeen inch (!!!) freddy looks pitiful when shriveled and corkscrewed.

anyway, okay. you’ve been warned.


p.s.- it looks like what i think a gecko tongue looks like

Great link, Farley. I especially like

it’s priceless!

I have never seen a Gecko tongue. If it looks like that, I don’t think I want to.


Looks like a really tenacious bowel movement. :wink:

And getting that in the female must be an all-day affair. :smiley:

Now where’s that whale penis pic???

Here’s one of an Oklahoma tree frog doing it’s thing as it were. Once there scroll down on left to Treefrog.jpg.

Place has a BUNCH of pretty hilarious pictures.

Could you provide a cite?
I always assumed that the names occured the other way round. Some scientist views sperm cells for the first time and names them due to their resembance to a certain whale.

 Then again, Melville gives the full name as Spermaceti whale. Cetus means whale. Which leaves me pondering the meaning of sperm. Which means, Whack may be right and I may have had whales and sperm backwards in my head all these years.

Doc: The OED backs Whack-a-Mole up. The sperm in “spermaceti” means exactly that. The substance primarily obtained from the head of the sperm whale was called spermaceti because the sailors thought it was whale sperm.

Additionally, the earliest use of ‘spermaceti’ dates from 1472, almost two hundred years before the invention of the microscope and the first recorded data on the viewing of spermatozoa.

Actually, what you have is an Oosik. An Ulu is a knife where the handle is attached to the back of the blade.

Walrus oosiks are about a foot and half long, and about an inch thick. Solid bone. Eskimos used to make clubs out of them. Very powerful items.

Wait, I just re-read your post. You are saying you have an ulu MADE from an oosik. Never mind…

For me, the alarming statistic wasn’t that the duck’s penis was 17 inches long, but that the duck itself is 16 inches long.

Wouldn’t this mean that the female duck is also 16 inches long?! What the fuck does it do, come out her beak?!

… well how else is a female duck supposed to brush her teeth?