Do scholarships or financial aid exist for oldsters like me who want to get a Masters Degree?

I’m 54 years old. I have a B.S. which I earned 3 decades ago. I’m thinking about trying for a Masters. Do scholarships or other forms of financial aid even exist for old MA students, or should I expect to pay full freight?

It’ll depend on your field of study somewhat.

Hardly anybody in the English department gets offered a scholarship or fellowship for a masters degree, if at all. Going for a PhD might make it infinitesimally more likely. There are no shortage of horror stories of English graduate students racking up large amounts of debt while studying but also holding down jobs to help ends meet only to find there are no open professor positions for them upon finishing.

It’s different in STEM fields. PhD students (who may get an MS on the way) often get fellowship offers, which include payment of tuition. Professional Masters students (non thesis-bearing, non-research) often do not.

That said, financial aid of some sort is almost always available (ask your local bank for a student loan, after all). But not all student aid is created equally.

A bank loan is not a scholarship.

But there is a website for real assistance

All Norwegian universities are free, even for international students, and they often teach in English. For instance, the University of Oslo has 49 Master’s programmes taught in English, most of quite high quality.

Getting a student visa is usually straight-forward. The only snag is that you have to prove you can afford to live in expensive Norway. You must document that you have about $15,000 available in order to join a Master’s.