Do scorpions bite?

I know that scorpions sting with their tails, but do they ever bite as well? If so, is the bite venomous or painful?

I don’t think they bite. There are lots of different kinds of scorpions with varying levels of venom. The ones I’m used to the sting feels about like a wasp or bee. They’re not really very venomous. I believe the ones in the Sonoran desert can be quite a bit more venomous. I just know the Chihuahua scorpions personally!

Scorpions can bite (they have mouths), but they don’t bite people, and I don’t think any have jaws enough to hurt you.

Although the mouthparts, or chelicerae, have a pinching action, I doubt that they could really give much of a bite. I am not aware that the mouthparts can inject any kind of venom.

Note that the claws, or pedipalps, are technically modified mouthparts. They can certainly give you a good pince with these.

They pinch and sting, and you want biting TOO??