Do second grade boys (USA) use styling products?

When my kid had lice several months ago, one thing we tried (on the school nurse’s recommendation) was to put mousse in his hair as it was supposedly a repellant.*

The kid became (to my mind bizarrely and incomprehensibly but I kept it to myself) enamored with the idea. He really liked the shiny unmoving visible-lines-of-hair helmet it gave him.

He’s been asking me if we can put the stuff in his hair again, as like a regular thing. So I now have some questions, because I’m old, and do not remember 2nd grade, and do not know what it’s like to be in 2nd grade in modern times anyway.

  1. Do 2nd graders use styling product?
  2. Do boys use mousse?

I guess those are the only two questions.

*Didn’t work. What finally worked, btw–and worked a charm!–was Lice M.D.

I’ve seen kids that young with slicked-back hair.

It’s a jersey thing.

I have seen little boys with gel or mousse in their hair. You’ve never seen a little kid with spiked up or slicked back hair? It only stays like that with some product. Mom or dad probably does it for them at that age, so too much isn’t used.

I can’t get that Calvin & Hobbes image out of my mind now. I think he used Crisco though.

I probably have, I just don’t notice, and so don’t remember.

I’d suspect that in 2nd grade now-a-days, a boy’s parent might be applying product for some reason or another. Never heard of it being used for lice. but I’m old, the tactic back in the old timey days was a crew cut.