Do sharks have tongues?

I know I could easily look this up, but I prefer to ask here as to help spread the word… Do sharks have tongues? I am aware that the tongue is an extension of the esophagus, and sharks probably have to have an esophagus, but I was wondering if they have a traditional tongue (Jabberjaw did, but he was a cartoon)

punk snot dead,

Yes. A shark’s tongue is a piece of cartilage called a basihyal.


And, uh, could you explain what you mean about the tongue being an extension of the esophagus? You lost me on that one.

It is my understanding that all fish (from agnatha, chondrichthyes, and osteichthyes) have immobile tongues on the bottom of their mouths, used for detecting chemicals in the water.

Sharks has tastebuds all over its mouth. The purpose of the tongue in some species is to help it eat, though in some, it’s immobile.

Yes, and the younger ones pierce them. :smiley: