Do some people remain alert--but paralyzed--under anesthesia?

This is an old one from his index list on the pages, but since I’m a newbie and the search function turned up nothing for ‘anesthesia’ (certainly just a minor oversight on the part of the overworked, underpaid brilliance behind the grand master himself) I wanted to throw my undervalued two-cents’ worth in…

My interest in the subject was motivated by the fact that I, myself, underwent surgery and was (apparently) awake and cognizant of what was being said and done during the surgery. I’ve had this happen twice since. Most of my original parts are now missing but no less loved.

– On a side note, only one of the three times mentioned above do I actually remember being awake and observant (though pleasantly numbed with help from my friend, the IV). I was watching them while they were performing the surgery - they’d made the incision and went off on a discussion about golfing; the surgeon stopped what he was doing to participate in the discussion… after a few minutes of waiting patiently I finally mentioned that they should talk AND work… I’ll forever have a laugh at the looks on their faces! –

The other two times apparently I spoke with family immediately following the surgery and told them about what was said and done (which alarmed the doctors when asked about it afterwards).

Anyhow, to get to the point (do I really have one?) I’m surprised that Unca CeCe (streetwise and drug-knowledgeable as he is) did not mention that in MANY more cases than what was reported people are aware of their surroundings to some extent. The anesthesia used today just causes short term memory loss so you won’t remember it!

From the column:

Um, you mean something like that?