Do Some Places Still Use Lead Foil On Wine Bottles?

The reason I ask is, we usually drink California wine in our house, and they pretty much always have plastic wrappers over the cork; either that or wax on top. I guess the champagne bottle still have foil, but I don’t recall it having the properties of lead foil. But, psycat picked up a few bottles of French wine at Trader Joes the other day and I’ve noticed some of them have seals that feel like the lead foil. i.e., they are heavy and tear smoothly.
Just wondering if I should be washing my bottle tops off before I pull the cork. I know I’m a wino, I just don’t want to be a wino with lead poisoning. :wink:

When in doubt, wipe. You should not need to “wash” the bottle in water. Just grab a handy cloth napkin or paper towel and rub the neck of the bottle gently before opening. There’s signs in my local hoity-toity grocery telling how to do this, with picutres.
You’d have to drink alot of French wine before getting enough lead to think you are King George III.