Do the birds by fast-food restaurants have heart problems?

They eat that stuff every day and it can’t be any better for them than it is for us. Do they weigh more than birds that eat a healthier diet?

In humans, heart disease takes decades to develop. I don’t think birds live long enough for it to be a problem. They have higher metabolisms than we do, so they probably burn calories pretty quickly. I would expect nutritional deficiencies to be more of a problem than obesity. Birds tend to travel quite a bit, so I suspect they could pick up nutrients from other food sources in their territory.

not sure ‘bout their heart, but there are warning signs near a pond by me that states something like - ‘please don’t feed the pigions, ducks, swans bread’ and goes on ’ the birds eat the bread and they don’t look for more nutrishious foods (bugs) and basically starve’

much like the startrek ‘trouble w/ tribbles’ episode.

I thought that the reason you don’t feed ducks bread is because the water can swell up the bread in their throat and they can suffocate.