Do the stripprs let you touch their breasts?

The strippers at the Crazy Horse do. But I’ve heard this is not a universal thing. do the strippers let you touch their breasts?

You have to ask the nice burly men at the door for permission.

My experience has been you sit on your hands, and any breast touching will be theirs on your face.

Last guy I saw touch a stripper was grabbed by bouncers and thrown out the door in roughly 10 seconds.

In Thailand, it is not unheard of when you walk in the door for a naked girl to glue her body to yours and start pulling out your old fella.

Let me? Damn, they force me to. I’ve tried complaining for all the good it’s done.:mad:


In Australia it changes from state to state.

In NSW the (legit) places the girl doesn’t even touch you

In Victoria, the girl touches you but you keep your hands on the arm rest. (although some girls will allow limited touching to the back or thigh)

In QLD it’s near full contact. The only areas out of bounds are the nipples, groin and anus. Otherwise, go for it.

Wellington in NZ is pretty much the same as QLD (or at least it was when I was last there).

I prefer the Victorian way, the girls actually put in some work to tease you. The QLD girls have a tendancy to often just sit there and let you maul them which gets boring quick.

It’s starting to sound like I should be the one to organize the bachelor’s party.

Depends on local law and the level of enforcement.

In CA, no. (Mostly). You can touch (depending on the club) anywhere that would not be covered by a tiny bikini.

in Texas, OTOH, just about everywhere but insertion of digits was allowed.

How big is your place?:wink:

In PA what goes on in strip clubs was regulated by the liquor control board. Allow patrons to touch, and there goes the liquor license. So places stopped making money on liquor sales, had no liquor license, and charged a fee at the door instead. Some would allow BYOB and charge for/require people to buy mixers ($5 cokes). It’s always been a cat-mouse game.

Now when I went to Miami, I just wanted to watch the floor show…however this Scandanavian girl wouldn’t stop bothering me, so I wandered around. It was a big place so I thought there may have been a different floor. I get upstairs and a woman quickly intercepts me, gives a different girl who apparently should have stopped me a dirty look…and says with a sigh, “Allright, downstairs is the show, no touching, and up here for (whatever the amount was) anything goes.”

So I went. Out. My buzz had worn off anyway.

And Randall Munroe is creepy?

It’s illegal in Ohio since 2006. Touching any clothed or unclothed part of a stripper’s body is illegal, but the penalties are even higher for touching the breasts and a few other areas. I think that’s watered down from what the “pro-family” groups originally wanted too, which was a mandatory buffer zone of several feet.

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So a handshake can get you thrown in jail?

I believe St. Paul, Minnesota is still “girls under glass.” I guess you could lick the window…

You know the saying, “When you have a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail?”

Well, I have a law degree.

The Supreme Court doesn’t take a position too far from yours. In 1991’s Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc., they said:

And they went on to uphold an ordinance in Indiana that forbid totally nude dancing at any establishment with a liquor license.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a strip club, but IIRC it’s not ok to touch the ladies. On the other hand, I spent Spring Break 1991 in San Diego & Tijuana, and in Tijuana you could lick the strippers’ breasts for, like, a dollar. I watched as 8 or 10 guys all did exactly that, one after the other, and I wondered why it didn’t occur to these guys that they were licking the last n guys’ saliva off the strippers’ boobs. Nasty.