Do they jack up prices leading up to black friday/cyber monday?

I’ve had my eye on a GTX 1080 for some time now, looking at it as a possible Christmas/birthday gift to myself (they are both in December), but have been holding off for black Friday/cyber Monday deals. To my dismay, the prices of these have gone up on average $100 everywhere over the last month. I don’t doubt that I might get a “deal” on them for their regular price (~$450), but I wonder if this is calculated or simple volatility in the graphics card market?

GTX 10 series is end of life. Production stopped some time ago. New RTX 20 series reception has been rocky to say the least, so old 10 series cards have been in high demand but stock is dwindling. That’s about the long and short of it. I wouldn’t necessarily expect any Black Friday deals on 10 series graphics cards at all. Depending on price, you may want to look at an RTX 2070, which benchmarks marginally better than a 1080 at similar-ish prices.

This is why sites like camelcamelcamel* were invented. Here’s a sample of their tracking on Amazon of one such card.

I don’t see any price increase around last November. OTOH, there was a large drop a couple months after Xmas.

  • But I have to point out that lately they’ve been falling down on their job so not as good as they used to be.

Ooh. Thanks for the tip on the 2070, I didn’t think to pricecheck that!

I can’t site any statistics but I know the hotel I used to work at would jack up the prices crazy high before Summer and holidays. Then we would have a special and give everyone a big 30% discount. Customers all thought they were very smart to snatch the great deals we’d offer. I’m pretty old and I’ve seen this happen at other places I’ve worked at.

You are right to be suspicious.

To be really good at getting deals you gotta do some research and homework just as you have been.

I don’t normally know these sorts of things, but I just upgraded nearly every component in my gaming rig and did more research than is really healthy. Managed to snag a factory OC 1080 at a pretty good price, but prices and availability of cards on Newegg was changing daily.