Do They Make Cell Phone Disrupters?

A small Star Trek Device that shoot off some sort of electrical beam to block cell phone waves? I like to mount one on my car so I can ruin someone’s day like they do mine. I know this isn’t very nice, but the last thing I need is for a Ford Explorer to hit my car with the kids in the back.

If you do that then the person in the SUV will be distracted from the road trying to figure out what is wrong with the phone and hit you.

Sure would be illegal as it would mess up other radio calls probably.

I assume though, if they can make phone waves they can make a way to mess them up but I won’t be showing how to do that.

I don’t know if they have them in the size you are talking about, but they do exist.

There was a story (I want to say in the Wall Street Journal) about restaurants and whatnot building them. IIRC, they essentially build a faraday cage around the facility and then generate white noise on the cell-phone frequency inside the cage.

The article pointed out that such things are not currently legal under United States law. So no links, please.

I haven’t seen something like this available in Canada, but I remember hearing about something called the Wave that apparently jammed cell phone traffic within a one block radius. At the time (3 or so years ago) it was available only in Japan, and retailed for about $500 American. Suprisingly, I haven’t heard anything about it since… I would certainly like to have one to bring to the movie theatre.

I hate cell phones as much as any other red blooded library employee, but you might want to re-evaluate your enthusiasm for jamming, Chubbs. Of course, if you’re comfortable with the idea of your doctor not being able to answer his/her cell in an emergency situation, then by all means, jam away.

I think it would be a better idea for theaters, restaurants, etc to post notices stating something to the effect that a ringing cell phone will result in the bearer’s immediate ejection from the premesis, without a refund. Plus, a kick in the nuts.


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Yes, it can be done. You can buy a cell jammer from the above company. Yes, it’s very much illegal in the US and if you are caught the fines can potentially be in the $100,000 range, plus 6 months jail time.

Yes, people using cell phones in cars should be shot in the head. No, that’s not legal either.

Any other questions?
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Did you miss the part where manny asked for no links?

I got this picture of cars driving around with little cages around them! :wink:

I spend pretty much time in airports and hate the people who think they are impressing everyone with how important they are. As mentioned above in regard to the doctor, I am sure that some of the calls are important, but doubt seriously if it is more than 1 in 10.

Queen Elizabeth does not allow them to be used in her presence. Ole Liz ain’t completely senile.

IIRC, here in Japan cell phone jammers are not illegal, but do require a license. There has been talk of using them in hospitals because cell phones disrupt medical equipment, especially pacemakers.

Even if laws are changed, they would likely extend only to being able to keep people on your property from using cell phones. The FCC sells portions of the electromagnetic spectrum for a significant amount of money, and it and cell phone companies are very adamant about maintaining the value of it, and thus more than willing to prosecute for little “stunts”.

As for movie theaters and such, why don’t you try to encourage your local movie theater to vigorously enforce a no cell phones policy, rather than break the law and possibly disrupt an important call to someone with their phone on vibrate?

Funny story:
A friend and I are standing on the sidewalk, and an annoying jerk is talking very loudly on his cellphone right next to us.
My Friend: Have I shown you my cell phone jammer?
Me: No.
[person on cellphone moves away from noise]

I absolutely hate this attitude. Nobody talking on a cellphone at an airport is doing it to impress you. They’re doing it because – and this is going to blow your freaking mind – there is no reason to refrain from using a cell phone in an airport or countless other public places. The whole point is that people can talk to me wherever I am. Obviously, it’s rude to talk in places where you’re disturbing other people, but people who get offended because they see other people on the phone walking on the sidewalk are ridiculous. Are you offended if I talk to the person I’m walking down the sidewalk with? What’s the difference?

Yes, people with cellphones can be rude, and often are, but there is this weird attitude that people get which seems to equate to “if anyone can see you talking on your cellphone, you’re a jerk”.

You know what would be more fun? A machine that would inject messages into people’s phones. So you could give them a message, perhaps something like an alien voice message.

When a legal case concerning this was in the news, a local radio talk show was discussing it. A building contractor called in and mentioned that there was a legal alternative his business was engaged in. It seems you can get buildings constructed or retrofitted with shielding to block cell phone reception, and there’s enough call for it for a few contractors to actively pursue the business. The cost is WAY too high for most small businesses - this contractor mentioned that most of his customers were medical clinics and the like, worried about cell phone use disrupting their electronic equiptment.

Of course, a solution like this will also block pager reception and likely all other radio signals as well.

I for one don’t mind people using cell phones. However, it’s mildly annoying when I’m concentrating (or trying to concentrate) on something at the computer lab and the guy next to me starts yakking on his cell phone. I realize that most people have the option to do work elsewhere, but as it is a school (education-oriented) facility, I feel that my work should come before some other guy’s phone calls, especially if he’s planning a party or somesuch.

The other thing I don’t like is that people tend to speak very loudly into their phones. This is fine out on the street, but indoors they should have some consideration for those around them.

And don’t even get me started on people who let their phones ring during class. There is a time and place for everything, and that is the time and place to turn your damn phone off.

According to the BBC, a jammer has been installed in the Indian parliament. Now, if they could only install a jammer in Washington to stop US politicians talking.

(Don’t worry, the BBC link doesn’t tell you how to get up to any monkey business)