Do They Make "Flintstone Phones"?

I was in Walmart today and I heard a little girl she wanted a “Flintstone phone.”

I don’t know what that is, but it got me to thinking in another direction.

Do they make telephone that look like the kind of phones they had in the cartoon show “The Flintstones” You know where the receiver looks like a shell type thing?

I Google’d around and found telephones that are shaped like Wilma and telephones that are shaped like Fred or even the car but so far I haven’t seen a phone that looks like the one they used in the cartoon.

Again, I’m not looking for a toy, I mean an actual phone that looks like the one the cartoon characters in the show “The Flintstones” used.

I’m sure they must’ve made this in the past, it seems to obvious not to have been manufactured.

Bart: “I call the Flintsstone phone!”

Fred: “Yabba, Dabba Do. I like talking to you.”

Sorry, can’t find the phone either from googling. I thought this line from The Simpsons was funny. It would be cool to own a phone like that.

Agreed, I’d like to own one too.

I find it impossible to believe no one would’ve ever thought NOT to make a telephone that looked like the one the Flintstones used.

Thanks for trying

Here’s what they would look like.

They definitely used to make toy phones like those on the show.

How do kids these days know the Flintstones?

Would you really want to stick a rhino horn in your ear?

Beats the hell out of playing leapfrog over one.